Plane vs. Ferry?

When I was younger, we went to France a couple of times for holidays. The first time, me and my sister were about 6 and we went to stay in Brittany, travelling over to France by Ferry. Later on, we went to the south of France and that was by plane. As I’ve experienced both ways of getting to France I was interested to see this infographic that’s been made, weighing up the positive and negatives of each mode of travel. I actually hadn’t realised that you can book accommodation and ferry together a as a package deal – that sounds really handy!

As well as France, I have been to Ireland and Holland by Ferry too and I always found it a good way to travel.

I have mentioned to my husband that we should go to France on the ferry this summer, because it will make a good value holiday and it would be fun to make it a little further and go out of the UK (the furthest the kids have been so far is Wales!) I have to say, taking them all the Ferry appeals to me more than the hassle of taking them all on a plane and having to check how much baggage we can bring on and all the rest of it. I don’t really find it easy to travel light with the kids!

I had been thinking of maybe camping, but if we could hire a cottage or holiday home cheaply I think it would be a better option, for a bit of comfort. I’m not sure yet exactly where I would like to go in France, so would have to research that. I do have good memories of my childhood holidays in France though, including the ferry. I remember watching some movies on board in the children’s entertainment area and finding the whole thing quite exciting! I’m sure my boys would love it too. When we have driven down to Dover in the past, they were quite excited looking at all the ferries arriving at the ports.
ferry-to-france-vs-plane-infographicSo…. Plane Vs. Ferry – Which one would you go for? Have you travelled by ferry before? let me know about your experiences in the comments!


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  1. I went by ferry when I was in France this summer – very easy and convenient (even though I had forgotten my passport they still let me on! Lol) Also I got really cheap accommodation by renting a flat through airbnb. We were near La Rochelle which was quite a long drive from Calais (a good 6 hours or more I think so maybe a bit much with the kids) but I would recommend it as an area to visit.


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