Plan For The Unplanned With Elderly Loved Ones

Plan For The Unplanned With Elderly Loved Ones

If there is an elderly loved on in your life that is unwell, or is simply living with conditions and issues specific to growing older, it may be a good idea to think about securing a plan should an emergency occur.

We’ve put some tips together for helping to prepare for an emergency for an elderly loved one to hopefully make difficult times a little easier for you.


  • Have an emergency bag ready – keeping an emergency bag packed and ready to go is a good idea so that you don’t have to stress about packing when you desperately need to get medical aid. Keep things like changes of clothes, medications and personal hygiene products in it, and keep it near an exit if possible.
  • Ensure that you and the rest of the family know important contact details – keep a note of all the important contact details you may need (doctors, specialists, hospitals etc) along with details of your close relatives’ details who will need to be contacted should anything happen in an address book so you have an immediate go-to place for all contacts.


  • Keep a list of medications they are on, handy to take with you – likewise, keeping a list of medications they are on is a really good idea so that you can tell the doctors and nurses when you arrive at the hospital exactly what they are taking and what dosage, too.
  • Have a plan for getting them out of the house easily – if your elderly loved one isn’t very mobile, having an action plan for getting them up and out of the house easily will be really important so that you can get somewhere quickly and as painlessly as possible. If your loved one receives elderly care at home with companies like you could ask the carer for help and advice regarding this as they are bound to have experience moving immobile patients.
  • Speak to them about things they want to happen in a crisis – it can be easy to not think about their wants and needs in a crisis, so taking the time to actually chat to them about what they want to happen will be really important for keeping them happy and to ensure their wants are met as well as their needs.
  • Know some important first aid techniques – knowing some basic but really important first aid techniques can prove lifesaving. You could take a first aid training course to help you be prepared for a medical emergency.
  • Have the doctor’s/hospital numbers on speed dial/close by – save those vital minutes by being prepared with having things like important numbers on speed dial on your phone, or at least by having them close to your phone so you can access them quickly and easily.
  • Keep some comfort items ready to go as well as the essentials – as well as essentials, don’t forget things that will make them happier if they need to go into hospital, such as things like photographs or other home comfort items.

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