Personalised Photo Cupcakes from Cake Toppers

Recently we were sent some personalised photo cupcakes from This is a fun idea, and my kids were thrilled with the cakes, enjoying both the personalised designs and the taste!

photo personalised cupcakes

Our cakes came in a set of 6 (one of them isn’t in the picture) which were split between silver and gold cupcake cases. The silver cases have plain sponge cake and the gold ones have the chocolate flavour cupcakes, which was the kids definite favourite!

The taste of the cakes was good, they are light and well baked with plenty of flavour – not too bland. The icing layer is quite thick, which the kids enjoyed along with the cake although it’s too sweet for me, but it’s easily removed!

When eating his cupcake, my 7 year old said that he would like to get his birthday cake from Cake Toppers (they do also offer bigger photo personalised cakes which would work well for any occasion like birthdays) so that’s definitely a good endorsement from him! I will consider buying the photo personalised birthday cake from there as he requested, since the price is very reasonable too!

chocolate photo cupcake

The cakes come well packaged in a cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap to keep them safe. Our parcel was actually quite badly handled by the delivery people (although they are normally very good!) and thrown over the back gate!! Despite that, the cakes held up very well and were not really too squashed, as you can see in the pictures. This definitely could have gone the other way if Cake Toppers hadn’t packaged them so well, so I did appreciate how carefully they had been packed.

The quality of the photos on the cakes is good too, with the photos looking nice and clear and not blurry. The photos used for our cakes were taken on phone cameras and not in particularly high resolution, so there’s no need to worry if you have a snap from your phone that you want to use, or even a small logo image, it will work well enough. You don’t need the high resolution photos like you need with some photo personalised products.

photo personalised cupcakes

See the photo cupcakes here, they also offer logo cupcakes, message cupcakes and other types of personalised cupcakes with prices starting at 12.99 for a set of 6 personalised cupcakes.

They would make a thoughtful personalised gift for any occasion, or be great for events too if you wanted to publicise a small business for example and made the logo type ones. I can see all kinds of situations where these personalised cupcakes would be a good idea, and as you can see from the smiling faces, my kids really liked them too!

smiling eating cupcakes

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