Peppa Pig has a new book out, all about a trip to the Supermarket:

Peppa and her family need something to eat for lunch. It’s time for a trip to the supermarket! Mummy Pig is very keen on just getting the things on her shopping list, but when they get to the checkout, something else has appeared in the trolley… 

Let’s Go Shopping Peppa is a fun story featuring our favourite Pig family going through their shopping trip, along with some counting practice and a bit of humour included too.

Let's go shopping Peppa Pig bookWe’re kicking off a week-long blog tour to celebrate it’s release. I’ll be sharing tips for keeping kids entertained in the supermarket, and there’s also a chance for you to win a copy of the book for your own children, at the end of this post.

PEN009PeppaShopping600x300v3My boys enjoyed the story and have enjoyed taking their own shopping lists to the supermarket. It’s a great way to keep them busy in store, and a fun way to talk about different food groups and get them keen to put healthy foods into the trolley.

Here’s R having fun exploring the Let’s Go Shopping Peppa and his printable shopping list before we headed out for a shopping trip at Sainsbury’s.

IMG_8922He was very happy to pick all the items from the shelves and help out when we got to the store too.

peppasainsburysWhen taking all of the children to the supermarket, I find it helps to pick a time when they are not too overtired or restless, and to keep the shopping list to a reasonable length, like Mummy Pig’s. My oldest two boys help to pick the items off the shelf for us, and my youngest chooses whether he wants to sit in the trolley, or walk around and help too.


After they have helped to choose everything that we need, I usually do let them pick a treat or a cake to take home – just like Daddy Pig’s chocolate cake.

Watch this short video below to find out more about the new book:

Printable Peppa Pig Shopping List

As I mentioned, a great way to keep kids busy at the supermarket is to get them involved with their own lists. Little ones can check off their own Peppa Pig shopping list as you pick up your groceries, with this fun printable.

Printable Peppa Pig shopping checklist for kids. Keep them busy while grocery shopping in the supermarket

Download and print in PDF format here via the Ladybird site


For your chance to win a copy of the Let’s Go Shopping Peppa book, enter via the Gleam widget below:

Peppa Pig Let’s Go Shopping

Peppa Pig Lets Go Shopping Peppa book pages

Let’s Go Shopping Peppa is out now in Paperback, Published by Ladybird Books with an RRP of £6.99

Don’t forget to pin these tips and printable for later:

tips for peaceful grocery shopping with kids, including free shopping list printable checklist for them to tick off. These simple tips make supermarket shopping less stressful