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Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat is a new Peppa Pig toy from the Character Options Peppa Pig Holiday range. My younger boys enjoy watching Peppa Pig on television so they are always happy to recreate scenes with their Peppa Pig toys and use them for some imaginary play, making up their own Peppa Pig story lines.

peppa pig grandpa pigs holiday boat toy


The boat is a medium size, and sturdily built. Although it’s plastic, it doesn’t feel too flimsy when the children play with it. It comes complete with three Peppa Pig characters – Peppa, George and Grandpa Pig. All are dressed in swimming outfits which makes them a bit different from the other Peppa Pig figured that we had already, and is ideal for holiday themed role playing with these toys.

peppa pig grandpa pigs holiday boat toy figuresYou might also notice that these figures all have the round bases on them, this means that they fit perfectly into the boat and don’t keep falling out while the child is playing or even while waving the boat around, which helps to prevent frustration with the characters not staying in place.

peppa pig grandpa pigs holiday boat toyThe boat does float on water, so R and T have had lots of fun with it in the bath as well as just playing with it on dry land in the house. It dries off well and does not get water trapped inside it after you have played with it in water, as some toys would do.

The holiday boat grabbed both R’s and T’s attention as soon as they saw it (ages 3 and 5) and they enjoyed playing with it for a long time. Any young Peppa Pig fan would enjoy this toy and it makes a great addition to any other Peppa Pig playsets you may already have.

Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat is available on Amazon (UK/ US ) with a current price of £19.99

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