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You might remember, we recently visited Junior Scholars for their first ever blogging event. It’s a great shop and they have a wide range of products online as well as in store.

Mr Z and Mr T chose a product each to take home and review. Mr T chose the Lanka Kade Dinosaur Alphabet puzzle which we reviewed here. Now it’s time to tell you about Mr Z’s choice – the Miniland Pegs case:

minilandpegLarge Pegs: 20mm Pegs in a case

Mr Z (5) had been really enjoying playing with one of the peg boards at the blogger event. I think it may have been this one as it had slightly smaller pegs. When he opened his packet at home we realised that we had taken a version with slightly larger pegs so this would be more suitable for younger children too – but it’s okay as it meant Mr T could join in very well too!

The peg case comes with 160 brightly coloured pegs, a clear board and 6 design sheets which you can place underneath the board. The designs are mainly animal related with a duck, a chicken and a butterfly amongst others.

Mr Z and Mr T were both able to work together to complete the designs and found that the pegs were easy enough to put into the board. When there was just a small gap to place a peg, Mr T (3) needed a bit of help on a couple of occasions.


This activity is great for developing their fine motor skills, which is really useful for both of the boys, Especially Mr T. He has delays in both fine motor and gross motor, so any extra practise he can get is brilliant. The activity is also good for colour matching, which Mr T is still practising at nursery. I think it would be even better if two boards were included to make it easy for siblings to play at once, but Mr Z and Mr T were happy enough to share.

The peg activity is recommended for age 3-6. I would say that this set is better for 3-5 and for 5-6 then one of the sets with the smaller pegs will be a better option as it feels a little more grown up for them. As well as copying the pictures using the cards underneath, it can also be used to work with patterns playing games like copy the pattern, continue the pattern or make up your own pattern.

This set is £14.99 from Junior Scholars and I would recommend it as a great toy to help support learning and fine motor skills development at home.

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