Parragon Christmas Activities & “Everybody loves Butterflies”

We have enjoyed reviewing Parragon books throughout the year, and our latest delivery is ideal for keeping the children entertained over the school Christmas holidays.

parragon christmas activity bookThe Christmas Activity book comes with a free gift of a shaped Christmas tree rubber with 4 smaller rubbers fitting in as 4 tree decorations, which is really cute. Mr Z was quite impressed with this.

The book has 48 pages of mixed activities with lots of colouring, along with drawing, designing, finding, counting, mazes, and more. It is recommended for age 4+ which I would say is about right as some of the activities do require pencil control to do them properly, but if you have a 3 year old who does a lot of activity books and has good pencil control then they would enjoy it too.

parragon christmas activity book

This book has kept Mr Z (5) and Mr T (4) entertained and they still have loads left. They have been happy to share it, taking turns and doing some pages each. The book would be a lovely stocking filler and may be ideal for keeping children busy on Christmas morning if they insist on getting up too early! I remember my mum always putting activity books and felt tips in our stockings and we used to do them straight away after looking at all the presents in our stocking. This is just the type of book I loved when I was little so I really like to see my boys enjoying the same thing, it’s also ideal as a calm activity when they have been racing around the house a little too over excitedly and you want to quieten things down a bit.

parragon christmas activity book

Another book we received from Parragon this month is Everybody loves Butterflies, a lovely picture book which is ideal as a bed time story.

parragon everybody loves butterfliesIt’s all about a little caterpillar who loves being a caterpillar so much that he just does not want to change into a butterfly. Everyone tells him how great it will be and all the positive things about it but he is still so reluctant as he insists he is happy as he is.

parragon everyone loves butterflys

The story is written by Tanis Taylor and illustrated with Masumi Furukawa. I love the style of the illustrations, as I’m finding with all of the Parragon books. The book has lovely soft colours and a dreamy floaty illustration style with lots of colours and details for little ones to look at.

The story is a good length for younger children and all of my boys aged 2, 4 and 5 were happy to pay attention and listen throughout, and talked about the story to me afterwards – whether they prefer butterflies or caterpillars, and what colour butterflies they would like.

It also has a life cycle of a butterfly shown at the back of the book, which Mr Z (5) was interested in as he has learned the life cycle of a frog in school earlier this year.

This picture book would also make a good stocking filler or an ideal addition to a young child’s library at any time of the year.

Do you think your children would enjoy these books? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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