It’s six years now since we first brought a baby home from the hospital as new parents, but it really doesn’t seem so long ago! I remember so well all those feelings of love and excitement as we set out on our journey into parenthood for the first time. All babies are special, but first babies are a real learning curve. As you transition from a couple into a little family you find life changing and adapting so much, meanwhile you get to grips with nappies, feeding, and needing to pack a zillion things when you leave the house! Parenting a new baby for the first time, although so exciting, can also be daunting as you learn how to handle all the common illnesses and ailments and may be worrying whether you’ve done everything correctly.

What to expect parenting a newborn baby - the common illnesses and ailmentsSome of the most common ailments that new babies suffer from are colic, cradle cap and teething. This handy guide helps explain what to expect when dealing with these, and also gives some advice on feeding. If you need more advice you can always pop to a local pharmacy, like Alphega pharmacy, for advice and they can guide you about which products would be suitable for teething or cradle cap according to the age of your baby. It can be so overwhelming to see so many products on the shelves and not know which would be best.

Parenting A New Baby - How to handle common illnessesWe used olive oil not just for cradle cap but for dry skin on the body. Mr Z was such a flaky baby as a newborn, with so much dry skin. If your baby is overdue, this can be common and nothing to worry about and the olive oil will really help. Just apply it with a soft cotton wool ball.

As a new parent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when dealing with all these new health issues but you learn so quickly as you go along and soon become an expert in all of it!

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If you have a baby already, do you have any tips to share with new parents or expectant mums? If there is anything that really helped you or a product that you would definitely recommend then leave your suggestions in the comments to help out a new mum

Parenting a new born baby

Images: Cute newborn holding mother’s hand Shutterstock – Newborn baby curled up sleeping on a blanket Shutterstock (modified) – Infographic: Alphega Pharmacies – Shared with permission and by request