Paper Plate Woolly Yoshi

To celebrate the release of the Yoshi’s Woolly World exclusively on Wii U, We’ve been busy making some Yoshi themed crafts. My boys love many of the Nintendo characters, and Yoshi is no different. We are all fans of the cute little dinosaur, and now that he has turned woolly he is even cuter than before!

This paper plate woolly Yoshi is a simple craft to make, and is most suitable for school aged children.

Paper plate woolly Yoshi craft for kids, featuring this cute Nintendo character from the new game Yoshi's Woolly World

To make this craft you will need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Wool (any colour that you want your Yoshi to be. We used orange, but green is more traditional or you could try Blue since you can get Yoshi amibos in that colour too)
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pens


How to make a woolly Yoshi paper plate

Draw Yoshi’s face onto the paper plate using a pencil in case you need to rub anything out, then go over it in black felt tip. We cut around the face, but you could leave the full circle – whichever you prefer.

IMG_9533Cover the necessary parts in glue or double sided tape and start filling in the area with wool until Yoshi is totally woolly!

IMG_9535We left the white part of his face un-woolly, and coloured his mouth and spikes with felt tips.

IMG_9539Ta da… woolly Yoshi! Isn’t he cute 🙂

IMG_9536Yoshi’s Woolly World was released on Friday, and is available for download through the Nintendo Store, or in any game shop including Amazon (affiliate)

There are a few options available: either the standalone game or an Amiibo pack, or of course you can buy additional amibos separately. We have this blue woolly Yoshi amiibo which is really cute!

blue woolly yoshi amiibo


We will share a review of the Yoshi’s Woolly World game soon, but for now – happy crafting!

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