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My 3 year old, R, is crazy about Spider-Man! Since we all love paper plate crafts, then making a paper plate Spider-Man with him was the obvious craft idea. We made these two different ways – one way a little easier for younger children like R, and the other one for those with slightly more control using a paint brush.

Paper plate spiderman. Easy and fun spiderman craft for kids who love super heroes

Paper Paint Spider-Man : The Painted Method

So, the design which you can see above is the painted design. We looked at pictures of Spider-Man and copied the basic shapes of his face.

Start by painting the whole paint red

Then add black for the base of his eyes, with the white eyes on top once that has dried

And then add the black web design over the rest of the face. This part is the one that very young children will probably need some help with.

Once the paper plate is dry, you have your Spider-Man face which is fun for little ones to play with as a mask, or place in their bedroom to decorate.

Paper plate Spider-Man face as a mask

To use it as a mask, you can punch a hole in each eye to see, using a pencil or sharp knife, and punch a hole on either side using a hole puncher to string some elastic through to make a strap to hold it onto the head.

Paper Plate Spider-Man : The Sticking Method

For younger children, they can also make a paper plate Spider-Man by sticking all the pieces down onto their red paper plate to construct the face.

So first, paint your paper plate red (or use one that’s already red)


(yes, this one is a little on the orange side but R was insisting that it’s red 🙂 )

Then you colour and cut out your basic shapes for the eyes, and just stick them on with a glue stick once your paper plate is dry

paper plate spiderman by sticking shapes

You could make some black strips to stick on for the webbed design on the face, but R decided to paint the design onto this face. If a web design is quite difficult for them, a criss cross design can be a little easier and is similar enough that they can still recognise it as Spider-Man

painting a spiderman face

And of course, you can wear this one as a mask too if you like!

toddler made paper plate spider-man face

This is a super easy and fun Spider-Man themed craft that any Spider-Man fan would enjoy. Have fun!

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  1. SOOOO cool! My son would have loved to make this when he was younger – actually he’d probably still like to have a go now and he’s 15! The comic book geek in me wants to decorate the kitchen in superhero paper plates now.
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