Pac-Man Crafts Inspired by the movie Pixels

Our family are all into video games in our own way. The boys have their favourite characters that they love, and their dad has always enjoyed playing consoles games in his free time too. I am more of a casual gamer myself, but when we heard about the Pixels movie, I thought it could definitely entertain all of us!

Pixels is out now on DVD and blu-ray, and we’re looking forward to a family movie night to check it out. To get into the mood for the movie, the boys and I had a Pac-Man themed craft session. They’ve seen the giant Pac-Man in the trailer and loved it, so they can’t wait to watch.

Pacman crafts inspired by the movie pixels. Paper plate mosaic pac man and dotty stamped Pacman

Pac-Man makes a great character for crafts, since he’s so instantly recognisable – and easy for kids to make too! We made mosaic paper plate Pac-Man and painted our own pixel spotted Pac-Man too. With both of these crafts we focused on making the picture up from lots of smaller elements (the small paper squares, or the paint dots), just like pixels are used in graphics to make up a bigger picture.

Paper Plate Mosaic Pixel Pac-Man

For this craft, all you need is a paper plate, glue, scissors, and some yellow paper. The cool Pac-Man model that you can see at the back is a limited edition case that came with our Pixels Blu-Ray. We’ll have one of these to give away tomorrow, along with some other cool prizes so make sure to look out for that.

Paper Plate Mosaic Pac-Man inspired by the movie Pixels

To get our yellow pixel squares, we looked through old magazines and found sections of yellow to cut out. This gives you a multi shade effect which we liked, and we also made some with yellow post its, and yellow tissue paper.

To make your Pac-Man, you’ll need to cut a triangle wedge out of the plate to make the mouth, and then all you need to do is stick everything down so this is something kids can quite easily manage themselves. It’s also very low on mess.

making a paper plate collage pac-man

Paint Dotted Pixel Pac-Man

If you are getting the paints out, then this simple dotted technique is a really easy way to make a pixelated effect for your picture too. You could try this for any of the characters in Pixels, and make a whole collection of them!

Pixel dotting paint technique for kids

To make our Pac-Man shape for these pictures, we drew around a side plate on a piece of A4 paper and then cut out the mouth.

To make your pixel stamps on the picture, you’ll need a small round object like the end of a pen or a pencil with an eraser on the end, then just dip in the paint and stamp all over your Pac-Man to fill in his shape with plenty of yellow pixels

paint dotting to make a pixels picture

Once Pac-Man was all painted, we stuck him down onto a black background and we added some lettering too, to fill in the space in his mouth. R had been excited about seeing Pac-Man become huge and go around eating everything in the Pixels trailer, so we wanted to give our Pac-Man something to eat! You can get creative and think of all kinds of things for him to eat – maybe some cars, or city buildings like he does in the movie, or make him some ghosts to eat up like in the original game.

dotted Pac-Man craft

Have you seen the movie yet? If you missed it in the cinema, grab the Pixels DVD or Blu-Ray which are out now, and look out for our Pixels merchandise giveaway coming up soon.


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