Now that Spring is here and I have a lovely new camera (you can see it here) I really wanted to get outside and experiment with taking pictures of the flowers and plants as well of the children. Most of these are from my back garden and a few are from our day at Denham Country Park



This is one of my favourite pictures from my back garden – because it has bokeh! I love bokeh 🙂 This is with my friend’s lens which I borrowed, which allowed me to use a smaller aperture setting (about 2.8 ish i think) whereas mine won’t go below 4 with my current zoom lens.




I don’t know what the plants are, my garden really needs a lot of sorting out! But all the green colours are lovely after the Winter


I’m still waiting for the daffodils in our back garden to open up.

howgarden10 howgarden9

Although I did find some at Denham Country Park. I’m not very keen on this daffodil picture but it’s the only one I got, I was busy running after the boys! I will need to find some more and get  a much nicer photo.


There was also blossom, which I love in Spring time!



and lots and lots more gorgeous green!

howgarden3 howgarden4

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