Osmo Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons Review

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Osmo games are a brilliant way to transform iPad time into a hands on learning opportunity. We have enjoyed so many of the different Osmo games and this time, we tried the Osmo Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons game which focuses on the topic of measurements.

This game is colourful and extremely visually appealing, so my daughter N was really excited to get playing.

Osmo Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons comes with a box of supplies that your child will need for their dragon adventures.

This box includes a dragon guidebook, 2 rulers (cm and inches) and 62 pieces of food to feed to the dragons.

Once in the game, your child can explore different worlds, finding dragons and caring for them. Each time you discover a new dragon they will need to first use the ruler to measure the dragon’s length in the guidebook.

This is a simple and fun way to introduce the concept of measurement in a way that children will find relatable and relevant.

Next, your child can get busy feeding their dragons. The dragons respond differently to the various types of food. Some dragons will tell you what they would like to eat whereas with others you just need to try different foods and find out what they think of it!

Each dragon needs just the right amount of food for their size, so this expands on the concept of measurement as kids will need to measure out the suitable amount of food tokens alongside each dragon.

As you go travel through the worlds you will also find dragon eggs ready to hatch into new baby dragons, and more habitats open up as you play from grassland to underwater dragon kingdoms, snow kingdoms and more – each with new species of dragons to measure and feed.

The guidebook has space for children to make notes about each dragon they find.

This particular Osmo game is marked on the box as being for ages 6-8 and N has just turned 5 years old, but we found the game perfect for her level so if your child is slightly younger than 6 I would not let the recommendation deter you from trying out this game.

All of the Osmo games give very clear instructions, visually and with audio, so it is easy for children to follow along.

N was really engaged with this activity, focusing and enjoying the game a lot. The first time, I sat with her to be sure she understood what to do and after that she has been happy to play the game independently.

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There are currently four different Math Wizard games from Osmo:

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  • Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games
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  • Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons

Which tablets is Osmo Maths Wizard Compatible with?

Osmo works with most iPad and fire tablets. You will also need the base. If you already have an Osmo game, you can use the same base for everything. If this is your first time trying Osmo, you will need to buy the version that comes with the base.

Check this table to make sure that this Osmo game will work with your device

Osmo Math Wizard and the Secret of the Dragons for iPad and Fire tablets is available to buy online at stores including Amazon

Osmo - Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons for iPad & Fire Tablet - Ages 6-8/Grades 1-2 - Measurement & Estimating - Curriculum-Inspired - STEM Toy (Osmo - Base Required) Osmo - Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons for iPad & Fire Tablet - Ages 6-8/Grades 1-2 - Measurement & Estimating - Curriculum-Inspired - STEM Toy (Osmo - Base Required)

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We were sent the Osmo game in order to review

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