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Super Mario Maker is the new Wii U game from Nintendo that lets players create and then play their own custom levels! My boys had been constantly talking about Super Mario Maker so they were super happy to get the chance to try out the game as part of the Nintendo Ambassador programme.

Super Mario Maker on Wii U

Super Mario Maker is a platform game, allowing you to make your levels in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U, with different game elements working in each version. With the 30 year anniversary of Super Mario Bros. this year, this is the perfect time to look back through the various versions of Super Mario that have been around over the years, and create your own unique levels in whichever style you prefer. My kids favourite is the most modern one – Super Mario Bros. U.

Within the game you can take part in the 100 Mario Challenge, by completing levels that have been made by other users, or you can also play the 10 Mario challenge which is made up of 10 pre-made courses that come on the disc. You can also upload your levels online for other people to play.

My eldest loves making up his own levels and then challenging his little brothers to try and beat them. You can make the levels as easy or difficult as you like. Z had lots of fun hiding enemies in the surprise boxes to try and trick the players who encounter them on the level.

To design your levels, you use the Nintendo Wii U game pad, and the kids had no problem doing this. They found it self explanatory and easy enough to do without asking for any help from us.

Super Mario Maker on Wii U

Here’s how it looks when you select the elements to place into your level

Super Mario Maker on Wii U selecting the game elements

Then this hand icon will show on the main screen as you place them via the game pad.

Super Mario Maker on Wii U creating a level

Once your level is complete, you can play it on your main screen. This is one of the Super Mario Bros U ocean levels that Z made (age 7).

Super Mario Maker on Wii U newest style

We also loved the cool 30th anniversary Super Mario Bros amiibo that you can use in the game. It’s old school blocky style will bring back lots of nostalgia for parents who are playing along with the kids!

Trying out special 30th anniversary super Mario bros amiibo on super Mario maker @nintendouk

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Super Mario Maker is an innovative and different game. With so many children wanting to grow up to create their own video games these days (Z always hopes he could make that as his future career) this game can give them a taste of how levels are made, and what they need to think about. It gives kids a different angle than just playing a pre-made level, and offers more creativity which always has to be a good thing!

The game definitely grabbed their attention, and kept their enthusiasm while they were playing and creating so I would recommend it as a great addition to your Wii U game collection, and a must for big fans of Mario.

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