Newborn Unisex Baby Clothes from Mothercare

In case you missed our news, we’re expecting baby #4 this Winter. I really love the snuggly newborn stage, and am so excited to welcome another little one into our family!

One of the most exciting things about preparing for a new baby is getting their little clothes ready for them. I’ve always found Mothercare very reliable with a wide range of good quality baby clothes, when I had my three boys, and have been browsing their shop and site already to see what styles they have in these days.

Mothercare kindly sent me some newborn unisex baby clothes, and I chose clothes from the Baby K and Little Bird ranges (by Myleene Klass and Jools Oliver, respectively)

newborn unisex baby clothes from mothercare

We won’t be finding out the baby’s sex for about four more weeks (hopefully, if the baby cooperates in the scan!) but it’s hard to wait to get a few baby bits in, so I was pleased to see that Mothercare do have a really nice range of clothes that work well for either a girl or a boy, and are not too plain. Plain and traditional baby clothes are lovely too but I fancied something a bit bright and funky this time and really like the styles in both the Baby K and Little Bird ranges.

The Baby K newborn unisex range has quite an educational theme with letters, numbers and slogans reading “future scientist” “clever clogs” and others, it also fits in with the monochrome trend with a lot of black and white – although there’s a lot of yellow thrown in to brighten things up too!


I chose the Baby K Letter All In One (£12.00) which has a zip close at the front, and like all Mothercare baby grows in the first couple of sizes, has the integrated scratch mitts on the hands which are so useful. I never found that my other babies would keep separate scratch mitts on easily, so the turn over mitts from Mothercare babygrows are ideal


It’s also nice and soft cotton as with all Mothercare baby clothes, with nothing to scratch or irritate.

To go along with the all in one, I got the Baby K Printed Hat (£4.00), with a cute light bulb printed design (to symbolise a clever bright baby!) It actually says the word bright within the light bulbs, but it’s quite subtle. I think this hat will go quite well with plain baby grows too, and looks nice and comfy.


The hat is well made with little touches of detail like the Baby K embroidered on the front


The final item I got from the Baby K range is the Baby K Joggers (£7.00) which will mix and match quite well with vests or tops. They have a lovely bright yellow pattern, like spots of light, and are really cheerful.



The items I picked from the Little Bird range – the Little Bird by Jools Turtle and Stripe Leggings – 2 Pack (£8.00) are really bright and cheerful too, with a slight retro style, as Little Bird often has. I really like the red and green as these aren’t colours you find as often in the unisex clothing ranges, but will work well for either girls or boys.

Again, these are good quality, nice and soft and stretchy to be comfy for a young baby. I find these kind of leggings or joggers great for when you want to put them in an outfit that’s not a sleep suit or all in one (just for a change!) but still want them to be as comfy as possible, and they are great for mixing and matching.

IMG_4939I particularly like the turtle pattern with these, it’s adorable, and not something you see everywhere.


I can’t wait to try baby in these clothes once he or she arrives, and I’m sure I’ll pick up plenty more bits from Mothercare between now and then!

If you haven’t found out whether you’re having a boy or girl, or are keeping it as a surprise until the birth, where have you been shopping for baby clothes, and what styles have you been going for? Let me know in the comments.


We were sent the products in order to review

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