New Walkers Hoops and Crosses

Look what this cheeky monkey brought us!

walkers hoops and crossesA sample of the new Baked Snack from Walkers Hoops and Crosses!

The flavour were sent to try out is Roast Beef but after checking the ingredients, I was happy to see that it is suitable for Vegetarians (which is important to us as we eat Halal)

Each bag contains 85 calories and is made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives so it is something I am happy to give to my children, either in a lunchbox or as a snack at home. I allowed my younger two to have some after their lunch. As they are only little, one bag was plenty to share out between them.

These snacks, as you could guess, all come in either hoops or cross shapes like the game of noughts and crosses:

walkers hoops and crossesThe taste of the roast beef flavour is quite strong (in a nice way, I thought!) It actually reminds me of crisps I used to eat when I was little, a bit like monster munch. I have not come across any like this in a while! My children liked the interesting shapes of the crisps and also seemed to like the taste as they happily ate them up.

walkers hoops and crosseswalkers hoops and crosses

My 4 year old missed out as he was at school when we tried it! But I would happily buy these, so I am sure he will get his turn to try them. They also come in prawn cocktail or salt and vinegar flavours so I would be interested to see how those taste.

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