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Fans of Skylanders will be excited to hear that Skylanders has partnered with Netflix to create a brand new, exclusive Netflix Original programme called Skylanders Academy, which has launched today!

My boys love Skylanders, especially as the new Imaginators game has been released recently, so the new Netflix show is perfect for them and is a great way for them to enjoy even more Skylanders stories.

We were lucky enough to be able to go along earlier this week and watch a preview of the first episode, before the entire first season launched on Netflix today.

Skylanders Academy will follow original Skylanders Spyro the Dragon, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor as they defend the Skylands from Kaos, while training the next generation of heroes at the Academy.


The first episode is 44 minutes long, to help get you into the story but after that each episode is around 25 minutes long, and there are currently 12 available in the first Skylanders Academy season.

We’ve really enjoyed watching. The show’s graphics are very true to the Skylanders games, with high quality animation, and all of the characters have plenty of personality. Our favourite is Spyro the dragon, but of course Kaos and his villainous antics bring lots of entertainment too!


To get a feel of the show, watch this official Skylanders Academy trailer video below, or visit the Skylanders site for more info.

If you have a Netflix subscription, I’d definitely recommend checking it out with the kids.

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