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We’ve recently shared our review on the new Schleich wild animals, and we’ve also been trying out some new dinosaur figures from the Schleich range. Schleich figurines are all designed with really great attention to detail and each one is hand painted, so they are amazing quality.

The new dinosaurs which we added to our collection are the….

The Velociraptor figure is a new version to add to the already existing Schleich Velociraptors, as this is one of the most popular and best selling dinosaurs in their collection. I love the bright and vibrant colour of this one, and it also has a moveable jaw and arms, unleashing more possibilities in imaginary play as my boys can make it attack and eat the other dinosaurs!

The level of detail in the Schleich dinosaurs helps to really bring the pre-historic era to life, and helps to encourage children in their interest in this topic. My boys have all gone through phases of being really interested in dinosaurs, especially when the topic comes up in school I find that their interest gets piqued once again and they quite often come back to it. Playing with the figures is a great way to keep their dinosaur knowledge up to date. I enjoy playing with them too, and seeing whether we can manage correctly identify and name all of the dinosaurs in our collection. Some of the Schleich dinosaurs like our new Oviraptor and Tawa are quite uncommon ones that I hadn’t known a lot about before, so it’s always great to discover more about these.

Schleich have a really wide range of dinosaurs that you can add to over the years. These are some of the others we already have in our collection here and here

All of these new Schleich dinosaur figures and more can be bought from The RRPs for these Schleich dinosaur figures are between 7.99 and 9.99 for each one

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