New Nintendo 3DS unboxing: super-stable 3D test and how to change the cover plates

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We were lucky enough to be sent the New Nintendo 3DS before release and have been having lots of fun playing with it.

Z and his dad decided to make a video to show this console in a little more detail, comparing the new features to the 2DS and previous version of the 3DS and changing the cover plates into new cool ones featuring Yoshi.

New Nintendo 3DS

Watch the full unboxing video here:

I really love the new cover plates, they add a lot more personality to the 3DS and look great. As you can see it was so easy to change them too.

We were also very impressed with the 3D functionality and how this still works however you move your head. Since the kids mainly use Nintendo 2DS consoles, this was new to all of us. But it’s worth noting that it’s not recommended for kids 6 and under to play with the 3d feature, so for Z to use the console, we are opting to turn that off for now. He will be fine to use that in a few months and we can easily turn it back on for ourselves meanwhile.

Accessories for the New 3DS

As mentioned in the video, you will need to get a charger, if you don’t already have an older 3DS or 2DS. (If you do, that charger still works on the new version) And here are a few more accessories you might like to consider

Take a look at the New Nintendo 3DS on Amazon UK / US

  • Nintendo Power Adapter (charger) (UK / US)
  • New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates (UK / US) – There are so many fun designs available, so take a browse
  • Basic Protective Carrying Case (UK / US)

Our Favourite Games for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS

You can see more about some of the games we love here and take a look at some of the more educational games for younger children, along with a look at the 2DS here

I still feel like for young children, the 2DS is the best introduction to these consoles, because they can not use the 3D function to its full advantage on the New 3DS. But, the New Nintendo 3DS is a really impressive console, and for older children, teens or gaming adults it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

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