New HiPP Buddies Pouches

Meet the HiPP Buddies – the new addition to the HiPP Family! They’re a group of hard working furry friends who have one ultimate goal – to make the finest organic pouches. Each has their own task on the HiPP farm – they pick the fruit and vegetables, mash them, stir them and finally fill the pouches.

I’ve been using some of the HiPP jars with Baby N since we first started weaning her onto solid food at around the 6 months mark, so I was really interested to try out the new HiPP buddies pouches with her – especially with the cute new characters to add a bit of fun to mealtimes.

We like all of the characters (N loves all animals!) but Finley the Fox is my personal favourite as I find him very cute.

There are sweet and savoury pouches, with a good range of choices available.

These are the savoury pouches..

  • Vegetable & Chicken Risotto with peas
  • Hearty Cottage Pie
  • Creamy Vegetable and Fish Pie
  • Squash and Chicken Pasta bake

And there some simpler ones like these parsnips, sweet potato and broccoli for babies only just starting out with weaning. When you’re first starting out with weaning, offering more vegetables than fruit helps move your little one away from a natural preference for sweeter tastes which may help reduce fussy eating later on. That’s why at HiPP Organic’s savoury recipes taste savoury (if you taste some other “savoury” baby foods, you might notice they taste sweet because they’re often mixed with a lot of apple!)

Discover HiPP Organic’s full range of over 30 pouches here.

The sweet pouches are handy for breakfast..

  • Apple, Peach, Blueberry and Raspberry
  • Apple, Blueberry and Banana Muesli with Yoghurt
  • Fruity Porridge

N really likes feeding herself from a pouch, so fruity pouches are a nice chance for her to do that. With savoury pouches, I prefer to put them in a bowl and warm it up for her.

The HiPP Organic pouches are re-sealable, so sometimes I’ll just give her half a savoury pouch to supplement her after giving her our normal table food, as she doesn’t eat very much and is still quite small for her age. It’s very handy to be able to mix and match like that. The pouches are also light and unbreakable – great for on the go, especially as it can be harder to find healthy age appropriate options for N when we’re out and about.

We also got some little story books with the HiPP buddies, which are really cute and a lovely way to help familiarise little ones with the HiPP buddies characters separate from meal times.

Story time and exploring books are always some of N’s favourite activities of the day. She loves all types of books and has done since she was very tiny!

During the day, she loves to keep busy and always enjoys going out to groups and activities like singing or sensory class after we’ve dropped her brothers off at school. She normally then comes back home to nap before lunch. She’s growing up fast and is really communicative now, if I ask her a question like whether she wants to have a certain food she will tell me “yes” or “no” (which actually really makes my life a lot easier!)

After lunch she loves to have a bit of chill out time to watch either some her favourite nursery rhymes on YouTube, or a couple of episodes of Yaka Dee on iPlayer, then normally lots more playing and reading before it’s time to head out for school pick up. Dinner time is a bit busier as we have all four kids home, so that’s a contrast to her quieter lunch times with just me and her. She loves playing with her older brothers and they are great with her, she will get them to push her around on her toddle bike, or read her even more books. She also loves watching them playing football, and even sometimes trying her best to get involved.

Our typical days can be quite busy, and always fun filled, so I do find the convenience of the HiPP Buddies pouches really handy!

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