New Children’s Illustrated Dictionary and Thesaurus from Collins

Dictionaries and Thesauruses are a really useful tool for your child’s bookcase, although they may not be the first thing that come to your mind when you think of buying books! We were sent the New Children’s Illustrated Dictionary and Thesaurus from Collins and they are both really lovely books, which help children to widen their vocabulary.

These are great to refer to when writing, whether for homework or writing your own stories, and my boys have also found them interesting to dip into or to look up certain words. They’re always keen to lear n words that will make their writing more exciting and unique, so that they can get better marks in school!

These new editions are filled with absolutely gorgeous illustrations by the very talented Maria Herbert-Liew and contain up to date coverage of a range of everyday and curriculum vocabulary.

Both books are designed to build confidence and develop language and dictionary skills at home and in the classroom in preparation for secondary school. Priced at just £12.99 they are the newest editions to the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus family and are a perfect addition to any child’s library.

Let’s take a look inside the dictionary…

Here are a few sample pages to see inside. The layout is really clear and child friendly as you can see, with illustrations to keep it interesting and appealing.

Let’s take a look inside the thesaurus…

Again, the layout of this book is really child friendly and intuitive to use. It has plenty of examples, and breaks down the meanings and contexts of words so that the reader won’t end up picking a new word that doesn’t quite work in their sentence. We found it really helpful to refer to.

Both books are brilliant to have at home to refer back to as needed, or just to dip into for a few minutes per day to help widen vocabulary. Because they are laid out so clearly, and have appealing illustrations to break up some of the pages, each page is not too dense and they are welcoming for young readers rather than being off putting or intimidating. I’m very impressed with both the dictionary and the thesaurus and would definitely recommend them for school children.

Both books are out now!

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  1. I think in this day and age it’s easy to overlook reference books, but they are brilliant for children to dip into. Who didn’t love finding ‘rude’ words when we were little? I remember my boys laughing away when they discovered ‘pants’ in a dictionary 😀 A thesaurus is an awesome thing – I have one on my desk all the time!


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