Everything You Need for an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

As the Easter weekend is fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are starting to plan Easter egg hunts for the little ones in your life. To save you some time, I have everything you need for an Easter egg hunt in one place! From your clues, to your decorations, to a sign to let the Easter bunny know to stop here!

All of these free Easter printables can help you set up a magical Easter egg hunt, and save money at the same time, and there are lots of fun ideas to keep children entered after the Easter egg hunt too.

Everything you need for an awesome Easter egg hunt. Free printables, and activity ideas


“Easter Bunny Please Stop Here” sign

Easter bunny please stop here sign


Cut this out and hang it up, to let the Bunny know that it’s time to stop by! Kids can colour and cut out these little Easter egg decorations too.

Click here to download and print this file.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

A few puzzling clues makes every Easter egg hunt a little more fun. Try using these Spring themed quiz questions to add a bit more excitement and learning to your Easter egg hunt this year.


Read more about the clues game and download and print here. 

You can also make Duck tape Easter eggs to write or stick the clues on, if you need a water proof solution (depending on the weather!)

Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Every hunt needs a few signs to point you in the right direction and let you know if you’re hot or cold! We have a handy selection of signs, plus some more cute decorations to set the scene.

Easter egg hunt signs and decorations


See these signs and decorations, and download and print them from here

Dye your Easter Eggs

If you want to hide dyed decorated eggs rather than shop bought chocolate eggs, you could try these tape resist method to make some really effective and pretty Easter eggs.

How to dye Easter eggs

Full instructions here.

Make Chocolate Easter Eggs the Easy Way

If you want to make your own chocolate eggs, you can try this simple hack to make the whole thing way easier (which is always a good thing when you’re working with young kids!)


Easter Egg Hunt Supplies

You still have time to order from Amazon. Take a look at some of these Easter essentials for your hunt.

  • Easter baskets : UK / US
  • Colourful plastic eggs: UK / US
  • Toy filled Easter eggs: UK / US
  • Cadbury creme eggs: UK / US
  • Chocolate mini eggs: UK / US

Alternatives to chocolate eggs for the littlest family members:

  • Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs : UK / US
  • Bella the Bunny Blankie : UK / US

bellabunnytomy hide n squeak eggs

Activities for after the Easter Egg Hunt

Once the kids have found all their Easter eggs, the fun does not have to stop! Why not keep them busy with some of these fun Easter craft ideas and activities.

Easter Egg Bunnies



See how to make them here

Make an Easter Bonnet

The only limit is your creativity, make and decorate them however you like! Get some easy ideas here



Fine Motor Easter Hunt

This simple sensory bin has an Easter twist and is lots of fun, while developing your kids fine motor skills.

fine motor easter hunt


Find out more about this activity here.

Egg Science Experiment

Sneak in some learning during the Easter holidays with this interesting and cool egg science experiment.

egg science experiment

Find out more here, and download printable instruction sheets if needed.

Make Pop Up Bunnies and Chicks

My kids loved this activity. It’s an easy and mess free craft that’s fun to play with once you’re done.

pop up easter bunny craft

See the instructions here

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend, and Easter holidays 🙂

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