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Ella’s Kitchen have a new range of “My Little Big Meals” for toddlers. We were sent the Stacked & Packed Veggie Moussaka to try out:
ellas kitchen my little big meals moussakaThe Veggie Moussaka is the only vegetarian meal in the range. I would love to see more options available for vegetarian meals, but as one to start off with I think Veggie Moussaka is a great choice. As an adult, Vegetarian Moussaka is a dish I really like, and it makes a change from pasta dishes which the vegetarian options often are.

The meal is suitable from 12 months onwards and is easily heated in the microwave. It contains 7 different vegetables which are: tomatoes, aubergines, carrots, potatoes, red peppers, yellow peppers, onions – and it is organic vegetables which are used.

The portion is 200g which is quite generous. It was plenty for Mr R who is just over 2 years so I think it could probably do two portions for a 12 month old – of course this depends on appetite.

my little big meals veggie moussakaMr R enjoyed the meal and was happy to eat it. Mr T and Mr Z did not want to try but I think at almost 4 and  5 they may be more at the older end for these kind of meals. It is the kind of thing I would give to Mr R sometimes for lunch on the days that the other children are out at school. Rather than giving sandwiches on a cold day, this type of meal may be a better alternative for a quick lunch.

I did try a taste of it myself just to see what it is like (I tend to do this when giving the children new foods so I know what I am giving them!) and I found the taste good, but obviously it is mild and quite bland as it is for babies and toddlers. It has lentils in it and I felt that taste came through – which is good as my children are used to eating daal so they are fine with lentils, and also its very good for protein as it’s a vegetarian meal!

All the nutritional information, ingredients and heating instructions are clearly shown on the back of the pack. If you don’t wish to microwave your babies food, instructions are given on how to warm the meal in hot water instead.

ellas kitchen nutritionElla’s Kitchen is a brand I trust and I would be happy to give these meals from time to time. For those who can meat, its a pretty wide and varied range so I do suggest having a look – Or for vegetarians try out the Moussaka! 🙂

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