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Muddypaws’ New Friends is a sweet picture book from Parragon, written by award winning picture book writer Steve Smallman and illustrated by Simon Mendez.

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Muddypaws’ New Friends is all about a puppy names Muddypaws who starts to feel lonely when his best friend and owner, Ben, goes to school. One day Muddypaws gets to go to school too, but it’s Puppy School! The story tells us all about how Muddypaws got on at school, making new friends and making a bit of mischief. The lesson of the day at Puppy School is all about sitting, and at first Muddypaws is playing around too much but then he manages to complete his lesson, and his new friends copy and manage it too!

Muddypaws’ New Friends is a very simple story which is ideal for young children of around 2-5 years. All of my boys aged between 2 and 5 enjoyed the story, and Mr Z age 5 was able to read the text quite easily. There are lots of illustrations on each page to help keep the children’s attention.

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The illustration style is quite realistic, rather than cartoonish. The colours and style remind me of water colours as they are quite subtle and soft. All three of the dogs, Muddypaws and his two new friends Droopy and Patch look so cute. I think that these characters would appeal equally to boys or girls and the book would definitely go down well with little ones who are keen on dogs.

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Muddypaws’ New Friends is available to buy from Amazon and other good book stores.

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  1. What a lovely story and it looks like this might be a gentle introduction to the idea of school for little ones preparing for their first day. Thanks for joining in with #kidsbookaweek


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