New Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque from the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Range

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I’ve been using Montagne Jeunesse products for years. They are the brand I automatically go to for face masks so I was really happy to try out some of the new products through the Mumsnet Blog Network. It’s great to have an excuse to pamper myself!

Montagne Jeunesse Products

I was sent a fantastic selection:
X1 Pot of Acai Body Smoothie – with super fruit power and natural antioxidants
X1 Tottle of Foot Cooler – ultra cooling and refreshing
X2 Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque – brand new to the Clay Spa range, mud infused Bamboo fabric
X2 Red Earth Clay Spa – part of the Clay Spa range
X2 Dead Sea Mud Spa – part of the Clay Spa range
X2 Glacial Clay Spa – Part of the Clay Spa range
X1 Manuka Honey Peel Off – A famous natural cleanser
X1 Super Fruit Mud – Cleanses and nourishes pores to the core
X1 Creamy Coconut – Hydrating vitality boost for tired skin
X1 Black Seaweed Peel off – brand new to the range, ultra deep cleansing straight from the sea
X1 Hot Spring Sauna – brand new to the range, an exfoliating and nutritiously rich warming masque
The Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque is a new product as part of the Clay Spa Range so naturally I wanted to try this out first!
Montagne jeunesse ranges

The Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque from Montagne Jeunesse is rich in magnesium and includes natural clay, aloe vera, acai berries and avocado. 

The mask is a fabric mask so rather than applying a liquid or mashed texture directly to your face, the packet contains one fabric mask which is already infused with all of the clay and the face mask ingredients. I have tried fabric masks before but this one is the easiest to use. The fabric is already pre-cut into the shape of your face so after cleansing your face, all you need to do is place it over your face and press it down a little to apply, so this is really quick and totally mess free.

Then you leave it for 10-15 minutes for it to work its magic on your skin while you relax.  I can feel my skin tightening up a little while the mask is on my face, and it has a nice smell as soon as you open the packet.

As the face mask is a fabric mask, this also makes it much quicker and easier when it comes to rinsing off the the mask. It’s a really convenient format.

After using the Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque my skin does feel soft and well cleansed. I should make time to use these face masks more often as I really do feel the benefit of using them, and it helps me feel more relaxed and pampered. It’s a few minutes of me time to use these, whether on my own or during a girls night in with a friend doing face masks and watching movies together which is always fun!

I’m looking forward to trying out the rest of the products, and I’ll definitely be staying loyal to Montagne Jeunesse. I never feel let down with their products and the new Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque is no different. I also think that they are brilliant value, especially as you can just pick up the individual sachets whenever you need them.

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse products? Which are your favourites? How often do you make time to do face masks? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments 🙂

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  1. You know, I have never used a face mask. I’m 30 soon and I think I should really start having some health & beauty regime instead of my current ‘having a wash and that’s about it’ regime! 🙂 x


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