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Hello “in the playroom” readers, I am happy to guest post in one of my favorite blogs. Thanks Anna for the opportunity!

My kids love Minions! My nine year old and I made Minion alphabets using craft sticks otherwise known as popsicle sticks. My preschooler loves using them and my nine year old is happy to see her sister use them. Let’s see how we made them and how it is used.

Minion alphabet sticks for kids

Materials needed:

1. Popsicle sticks

2. Acrylic paints

3. Sharpie

4. Contact paper or large width tape


1. Attach the large width tape or contact paper on the work space with the sticky side facing up. Stick the popsicle sticks on the tape/contact paper. Make sure that you can remove the sticks without damaging them.


2. Paint the top portion of the sticks with yellow and the bottom with blue acrylic paints.


3. Let them dry.

4. Once dry, remove the sticks from the tape. Draw the features of the minion and write alphabets with the black marker.


My nine year old enjoyed making popsicle stick minions.

How to play with Minion alphabets sticks :

There is no hard and fast rules to play with the alphabets sticks.

My daughter was

  • Counting the sticks
  • Arranging them in a line
  • Identifying the alphabets
  • Sounding out words
  • Matching upper and lower case alphabets


Few other activity ideas with Minion sticks :

Sight word recognition game:

Write sight words in the sticks. Put the sticks in the center. Take turns to pick a stick. If the child reads the word correctly, the child gets to keep the stick. Whoever has more sticks at the end of the game is the winner!

Emotion matching:

Draw minions with the same emotions. Ask the child to match them and talk about the emotions.

Minion Dominoes:

Paint the sticks yellow and blue. Draw dots on each colors. Ask the kids to arrange them like a dominoes.

As you see, the possibilities are endless with the minion sticks. Hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to pin!

Once again I would like to thank Anna for this exciting opportunity! Nice meeting you all!

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