Mibo : The Jungle Crew

Mibo have a new range of children’s books with 3d press out and play animals and scenery that children can make to go alongside the book. I was really attracted to the new Mibo books as soon as I saw them, and the boys and I enjoyed trying out the Jungle Crew book together at home.

The Jungle Crew book with press out and play animals


Jungle Crew is one of a series of three which also includes The Polar Pack and The Safari Set, created by Hove-based children’s designer Mibo. The book is a simple story of the jungle told in rhyme and going through each of the jungle animals:

  • The chimpanzees
  • The macaws
  • The tigers
  • The toucans
  • The frog

Each page is beautifully illustrated with brightly coloured patterned designs and with only a couple of lines to each page it’s suitable for even the youngest children to enjoy.

mibo jungle crew by madeleine rogersAt the back of the book there is an envelope with sheets to press out and make your animals and scenery.

mibo the jungle crew press out animalsThese were easy enough for the boys to make, as the lines are clearly shown were to fold and you just have to glue the animals together. A couple of them did not stick so well with the glue we had so we just added a little extra tape to secure those.

IMG_0198They are sturdy enough to handle being played with after making, although children do need to be a bit gentle since they are only made with cardboard. The boys were quite proud of the animals they had made and enjoyed making up little stories with them.

IMG_0212 monkeyThe press out and play element definitely adds more interest to the book and kept the boys attention for longer. The Jungle Crew is beautifully done and would make a lovely gift or a great addition to a child’s book case, particularly if they are on the crafty side and enjoy making things.


The Jungle Crew is available from many good book shops including Amazon (Affiliate). You might also like the polar and safari varieties. 


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