Mental Health and Wellbeing at University

University is portrayed on TV as some of the best times of your life. It seems like a lot of fun, moving away, meeting new people, and moving along your career path. Though it is exciting, there’s a lot of room for mental health issues to creep in. WriteEssayForMe chatted with students across university campuses to get an idea of the things that stress them out. Some of them dealt with the stress by texting “write my essay for me online” to the experts.

The Importance of Mental Health 

Mental health is essential. It affects everything in our lives, from our work to learning, to our moods. Because there are so many changes happening when you enter university, your mental health could suffer, making you feel down. Understanding other students, you won’t feel alone and probably less reluctant to reach out for help. 

The Findings

Of those that we asked, many of the answers surprised us. There are many more students dealing with mental health issues than we thought we would find, making it an issue worth addressing. 

Overall Happiness

When stopping to chat with students, over 80% said that they were happy with their university. Most of them seemed to be very positive when it came to their studies and the typical facilities they used, which was an excellent start to our findings. 

The Stressful Stuff

Of course, not everything is wrapped in rays of sunshine. There were several things that students stressed about, some of the most common listed below. 


Many students were tapped out between tuition, books, food, and extra, unsure of where their next pennies would come from.


Assignments like homework, readings, and exams, seemed to stress students out the most. Keeping a high and competitive GPA can take a toll on stress and leave some overwhelmed by the end of the semester.  

Leaving University 

It’s one thing to be on campus and surrounded by others going through the same things, but leaving is a whole different story. It’s a big world out there, one that not many are fully prepared for. 

Making Friends 

It’s always scary to go to a new place. Some people thrive in social environments while others cave in and let their insecurities get in the way of their ability to be social. 

The Frequency of Stress

When looking at the number of students that deal with stress, the number was pretty high. More than half of those we talked to said that they felt stressed all the time, while nearly every student admitted that they felt stressed at least a few times on campus. 

Dealing with Mental Illness

The worst thing about mental health is that it leads to mental health issues when it starts slipping. Some of the most common mental health issues that we heard from our respondents were: 


Not having the ability to deal with your stress and everything on your plate can lead to depression. It’s important to talk about it and start tackling the issue if you feel down or depressed. 

Eating Disorders

Social media has an enormous impact on those who are always logged in. Life online seems perfect but is far from reality. This addiction could lead to eating disorders, where students either eat too much or too little. 


Anxiety is one of the top mental disorders around college campuses. Finding ways to manage time, practice mindfulness, and take time to breathe is key to dealing with anxiety. When the going gets tough, students can send writing assignments over to writing experts for a quick turnaround. It could offer an excellent opportunity to step back, relax, and just be. 

Mental Health and Studying 

One of the reasons why we decided to address this issue is that mental health does affect everything. Students admitted that sometimes their mental health issues were so tricky to manage that they got in the way of their studies. When you’re anxious, depressed, or just run down, even the simplest task can seem overbearing. Learning about ways to tackle stress is key to a successful and healthy semester full of positive outcomes. 

Advice for Rocking Your Semester

One good thing about mental health is that you can make small changes that lead to massive changes. To start getting things back on track and get your life back, try out these tips to rocking your semester. 

Stay Organized

Staying organized is more important than anything. It keeps you from forgetting about assignments and makes you ready for anything that might come your way. So, ged rid of some of your work, grab a pen, and write out all the things you need to do, organizing them in a manner you can manage. 

Get Advice

If you’re having trouble with a topic, go to your instructors. That’s what they are there for, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions. Don’t be intimidated or feel ashamed for getting your voice heard; you deserve it. 

Don’t Forget About You

Getting wrapped up in all that you need to do can take time away from the things that you love. Don’t forget to treat yourself here and there (e.g., to a fun card game) and pencil in a break so you can see family, friends, or your favorite Netflix series. 

Get Help

University counselors are available for appointment, and if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, don’t hesitate to call them. You’ll be happy you did. 


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