Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros on Nintendo 3DS is a new game combining Super Mario Bros, and Paper Mario characters. The story of the game tells that while rummaging through the attic in Peach’s Castle, Luigi accidentally knocks open a mysterious and magical book, causing paper friends and foes to fly out of its pages! Once the paper characters have been released, they join in the story alongside their 3D versions as they work to untangle their two worlds.

The paper characters are flat and thin, so they can slip into any tight space or through thin cracks, allowing them to explore secret areas of the game that would have been inaccessible to the normal Super Mario Bros.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros on Nintendo 3DS

In the game, you play as a trio of Super Mario Bros Mario and Luigi, and Paper Mario. Since the paper characters have released, there are doubles of all the characters so you will have a Bowser and Paper Bowser to defeat, and a Bowser Jr and Paper Bowser Jr too.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros on Nintendo 3DS

With Paper Mario, he can ‘copy’ himself up to six times, which means you could do up to 6x the damage to your opponents, which my kids enjoyed and they’ve also been enjoying the missions where you must find and collect all the paper Toads.

The game is rated PEGI 3, although my kids (4-7) said it is quite challenging and it does have a lot of elements to it – like real time Paper craft battles which we’re still looking forward to trying out. It should take them quite a long time to complete.

We had fun making some of our own 3d paper craft characters from the game, by folding these templates and sticking together with double sided tape

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros paper craft

Here’s our paper craft Goomba

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros paper craft goomba

and R making our paper craft Mario

Buy Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros on Amazon for around 29.95, or download from the Nintendo e-store

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros