Making your own hummingbird and butterfly mobile

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Editors note: This article has been written by Lesley R Stevens of Decorque Cards.

The magical hummingbird and the decorative butterfly are two of my favourite subjects for design.  Here, I have decided to take them from a flat design like my Charm of Hummingbird card and transform them into a 3D mobile for a child’s bedroom.

DIY hummingbird and butterfly mobile. Gorgeous paper craft for a child's bedroom

As crafters, you probably already have the majority of the materials needed at your fingertips to make your own mobile.  I have chosen two of my own paper designs to use here, but this can easily be substituted for a pretty patterned wrapping paper or fabric.  You will also need two coordinating plain pieces of card, thick mounting card, a tracing of the shapes you wish to use, a compass, very sharp scalpel, cutting board, craft PVA, nylon wire, ribbon and a few beads.

supplies for your own hummingbird and butterfly mobileThe hummingbird is cut out of the blue patterned and plain paper, the birds are stuck together in the middle only, leaving the wings free, and the same is done with the pink papers for the butterflies.  Using a plain pastel paper on the other side, strengthens the shape and allows the wings to be separated as if in flight.

Making your own hummingbird and butterfly mobileThe two arc shapes – 25cms diameter, 9cms high and 3cms deep – are cut from a good quality mounting board, one covered in the blue papers and the second in the pinks. In the centre cut a slot from the bottom of the curve on one and from the top of the other so they will slot into each other.  Holes are made about 1cm from their ends in the centre to attached the nylon wire.

Everything-needed-to-make-your-own-mobile-3aFirstly, the hummingbirds have nylon wire threaded through a hole made with the compass end in the centre.  Use plenty of wire, allowing for the drop length and for adjusting and tying.  Do likewise with the butterflies, but make two holes centrally with a stitch going upwards and then knotted to keep them in their place at a distance from each other.  I have used three butterflies here, two small and one large in the middle with a few glass beads to add weight so they drop in a straight line.  Once you have slotted the arcs together, tie some ribbon from the centre holding them together and again at the top to hang.  At this point, should any of the wires need altering, you will be able to see and adjust before cutting away any surplus wire. The mobile is designed to hang from the ceiling, so a small hook will be necessary and a good length of ribbon.

Making your own hummingbird and butterfly mobileThis mobile is best photographed in the garden, where my decorative hummingbirds and butterflies look at home with their wings open ready to fly!  If you feel like making more of the butterflies they look great spaced on the bedroom wall!

Making your own hummingbird and butterfly mobileIf you love Humming birds as much as me then check out the many different products I have created using the beautiful hummingbird, including cork placemats, cushions, lampshades and of course my handmade cards.

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