Making it easier for people to donate their zakah money

Ramadan is coming, and its a good time to think about paying our Zakah.

For those who may not know, Zakah, is the third of the five pillars of Islam. It is a tax that all that are able are expected to pay. The purpose of zakah is to help those less fortunate, to help educate new Muslims, and to aid the poor. Zakah زكى is a beautiful concept, the meaning of which is linked to purification. To purify ourselves, our character and our wealth.

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

“…والزكاة برهان”

“…and Zakat is a proof  (of faith)…” [Reported by Muslim]

An easy way to pay zakah is to use JustGiving. JustGiving makes the process of paying zakah uncomplicated and hassle free. You can choose from over 8,000 charities and projects and take pleasure in the fact that JustGiving will also reclaim 25% from HRMC in gift aid. It makes your donation work harder and go further.

Donating zakah online is increasing in popularity. In 2011, over £1 million charitable donations were made via zakah contributions to some fantastic charities.

Current Projects to support.

The National Zakat Foundation is a UK based charity; they have set up an appeal to raise £100,000. Currently, at time of writing, they have achieved just over £71,000.

The foundation was formed to support and reach out to Muslims in the UK. They were created on the premise that poverty is a problem for British Muslims. Their goal is to be able to assist people at need with emergency food and accommodation.

You can donate zakah online at JustGiving and support the National Zakat Foundation choosing whether you wish to donate anonymously or to declare your details.

JIMAS are another UK based charity. They firmly believe in supporting the plight of Muslims in the UK. Established in 1984, by four brothers at Kingston University, JIMAS is completely independent and doesn’t receive any government aid.

For that reason it relies on donations and zakah to continue its good work throughout England. They help educate and teach new Muslims. The redistribution of Zakah is used exclusively to give to those who may be neglected without it. You can support JIMAS through JustGiving.

May Allah accept our Zakah, our sadaqah and all of our deeds for His sake. It’s time to focus and get the most benefit we can out of the holy month that will very very soon be upon us!

This is a guest post written jointly by myself and Jane Blackmore, writer, editor, blogger.

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  1. Thanks sharing the helpful content for Zakah/Zakat paid end of Ramadan and before performing Eid-UL-Adha prayer. The content also mentioned basic knowledge about sake for those who needs to know specially non Muslim communities about skate and importance according Muslims.


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