Make Unique Christmas Gifts with Your Kids

Christmas is just few days away and this is the best time to prepare and spend quality time with family members, friends, and loved ones. If you are considering purchasing gifts, you can save hundreds of dollars by investing in cricut machines and using them to make personalized gifts. Make sure that you look at the specifications of each machine before placing your order.

How to Make an Infusible Ink Blanket Using Cricut Machine

Cricut machine can be used to make prints on a wide array of items provided they are made from polyester material. 

Step 1:

Go ahead and purchase a cozy blanket made from quality polyester material. 

Step 2:

Transfer your design to cricut design page to fine-tune it then use the cricut machine to cut your preferred infusible ink sheet. Place the sheet on a mat and make use of a brayer to press it down on the mat. Mirror the image of your design and cut. 

Step 3:

Remove the unwanted parts in the design using tweezers before placing your design on the polyester blanket. Make use of a lint roller to smoothen the section of the blanket you want to transfer the design to get the best results. Place a butcher paper on top of the section of the blanket you want to design and apply heat using an EasyPress for 15 seconds. 

Step 4

Thereafter, allow the blanket to cool off before removing the carrier paper. Use tweezers to remove any remnants. 

Closing Remarks

Make this Christmas special by using a cricut machine to create a personalized gift for your loved one. The timeless gift will never lose its value and the recipient will forever appreciate it. Encourage your kids to also make gifts for each other to boost their creativity and keep them busy indoors.

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