Looking Forward to the Return of Grey’s Anatomy

After a busy day with the kids, there’s really nothing I find more relaxing than settling down in front of the TV to binge watch some of my favourite TV shows. Lately my definite favourite is Grey’s Anatomy. I was pretty late to the whole Grey’s Anatomy thing, considering it’s been around since 2005 – but I’ve been making up for lost time since I started watching it about a year ago, and caught up with all twelve seasons so far.


Having a decent TV with a good size and a high spec makes all the difference to our viewing too, and recently my husband has been wondering about upgrading our TV to a 4k TV, like these: Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic. We might upgrade in the new year, with a new baby on the way it’s another opportunity to sit and watch a few more box sets during all the hours spent breastfeeding, especially in the early days!

Season 13 of Greys Anatomy is already out in the USA, but I can’t wait until it returns to the UK next month – Series 13 starts 2 November on Sky Living, so there’s only a couple of days to go!

Grey’s Anatomy is a high-intensity medical drama which follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After the end of season 12, I’m really interested to find out what’s going to happen with Alex and Jo – but sad to see the back of Dr Callie Torres as she left at the end of the last season.


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If you haven’t watched Greys Anatomy before, I would totally recommend you to get into it. It really gripped me from the first episode! If you have Sky Box Sets then all of the earlier 12 seasons are available to watch via that, but if not then you can pick up the complete season 1-12 box set on Amazon. Unfortunately it’s currently not available on the UK Netflix, or on Amazon Instant Video (but it was before – so maybe it will come back there some time, hopefully!)



If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy too, and are looking for something else to watch that you might also love, then I can also recommend these series:

Private Practice – A must for Grey’s Anatomy Fans as it’s the shows spin off. This show focuses around Addison, and is set in LA after she leaves Seattle to start a new life working in the private practice. There are a few cross over episodes with Grey’s Anatomy characters, and it has similar medical content albeit at a slightly slower pace. There are 6 seasons of this available, and the show is now finished.

Scandal – Another great show from Shonda Rhimes, this time with a political setting. Like Grey’s Anatomy, this show has some really strong characters, and kept me gripped – especially the first seasons. I’m looking forward to the return of this show too!

Quantico – We’ve recently been watching the first season of this and have really enjoyed it. Like Grey’s Anatomy it has really strong female leads, and it has a lot of intrigue, action and mystery combined with personal dramas. This show is set in Quantico the FBI training academy, and cleverly pans between the current time as the team try to find out who’s behind a terror attack, and their recent past in the training academy as they look back for clues.

Which shows have you been enjoying lately, and what can’t you wait to return to our screens?

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