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As a mum of four, I’m always busy worrying about my kids – making sure they stay healthy and well, eat properly, learn and develop. But with only so many hours in the day, I have to admit that sometimes I let my own health and wellness slide.

In the past year, starting again with the baby days has meant that I haven’t had a lot of time to pamper myself, or spend on “me time” but the new year is always a great time to make a few changes, so I was really happy to get on board with the #BootsLittleBoosts campaign, and make some small changes to my routine. It’s amazing how even very small things can give you a boost, and make a difference to your mood and your energy levels.

Boots sent me a package of all kinds of treats to help with my new wellness routine, from pampering products to vitamins and supplements. I really like the idea of giving myself a boost from all angles – taking practical steps to deal with lack of energy, like taking extra vitamins, but also from the self care side. For me, making sure I get a bit of time to myself to unwind and relax is so important and definitely makes the difference between me being able to handle whatever the day throws at me, or being a lot more snappy and grumpy.

My usual go-to for relaxation would normally be to sit in front of the TV with some chocolate, or just unwinding by playing games on my phone after finally getting all the kids to bed, but I’m aware these are not necessarily the healthiest choices. So taking the opportunity to pamper myself, and relax in a way that would actually boost and benefit my health too is a little change that I’ve really enjoyed and hope that I can continue with this. Taking time for little things like face masks, or relaxing in the bath with a candle and some music, feel like a real luxury for me these days and can really rejuvenate me.

Healthy eating is another big one. I have been following a slimming club since the new year, as I’ve done after having each of the children but at times I really struggle with it. I know that the results will be worth it in the end though, as I’ll be healthier, fitter and have more energy. The little changes I’m making with my diet are pretty simple – less junk, more fruit and veg, more lean protein and more home cooked fresh food, avoiding convenience food and cutting down on eating out. Replacing coffee and tea with green tea always helps me too, as it makes me feel more refreshed and feel more like eating clean rather than craving carbs or junk.

The supplements that were in my Boots Little Boots box are also a really simple way how to get more energy and to boost my health. My in-laws have always reminded me about the benefits of Turmeric and Manuka Honey in particular, as these are mentioned a lot in Islamic medicine and Asian culture as well so these are things that my husband and I have always been encouraged to take. My Father in Law takes a spoon of Manuka honey every morning, and we use turmeric a lot in our cooking.

Sleep is another major factor in how healthy and well I feel. I have actually taken steps to go to bed earlier over the past few months, and it makes a huge difference. I used to stay up very late as a matter of routine, going to be at midnight was early for me in those days! But when you need to be out of the house early to drop kids to school, and then have a busy day with a baby or toddler, it just becomes unsustainable to be going to be so late, especially if your sleep will be interrupted with night feeds. So after hitting 30, I’ve put an end to the 2am bed times and started going up to bed normally around 10.30 and it has made a really big difference. There are some handy sleep tips and other health advice on the Boots Wellness page, which is worth checking out if you’re thinking of making a few little changes too.

This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.

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