Life Focus – Take Five to Take Stock

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Life Focus – Take Five to Take Stock

Do you ever look around at other people and wonder how in the world they are managing to live their best life while you apparently seem to be serving penance for a past life as a bank robber? Social media doesn’t help, either. Each and every post seems to be yet another update from an exotic beach saying “the view this morning” or else it’s a ‘champagne in hand’ celebration in honour of a new home or fancy car or even just a birthday … at a restaurant you could never afford. I’ve come to the decision that good things do not come to those who wait. Good things come to those who plan. So plan I shall, dear readers, and I’ll tell you exactly how.

From Debt to Jetset

I’m going to make a few basic assumptions about you. For a start, payday means you’re rich for a day (before the direct debits hit). Second, the end of the month means some serious budgeting along the lines of only going outside on a Saturday or Sunday if it’s to make use of free beaches or free forest walks or free museums. Sound about right? Ballpark accurate? Join the club. The thing is, you can improve your finances without a pay rise. How? With planning and goal setting. Creditfix can help you to gain perspective on your spending and saving habits – and by that I mean your ‘over spending’ habits and your ‘non existent’ saving habits. No one likes to be told they’re off course, and no likes to admit they could be doing better with their finances. But if you want to become debt free (and who doesn’t want that?) it’s probably worth checking out what the experts say about how to speed things up a bit.

Family Time

Family is one of those things that truly is gone for good once it’s gone. There is no formal grievance procedure for having a loved one returned to you once they pass on, no matter how much their departure leaves you feeling like you’ve been a victim of daylight robbery. Now, some family members seem to be on a personal mission to make you wonder how you could ever be related to such an odd and unfavourable character. There’s a solid argument for surrounding yourself with positive people and closing the door to people who take more from you than they give. I’m not saying spend your free time with mood-vacuums who make you feel like a nice jog through a war zone would be preferable to spending another five minutes with them. However, for the special people (who you get free access to because they’re a relation), my advice is to make hay while the sun shines and avoid the regrets of spending too much time on a career or job that will ultimately replace you before the local newspaper prints your obituary.

That being said…

To finish off, fun you-time is mega important in finding some semblance of inner peace (and in taking a great leap towards paying no attention to people living the social media highlife). As much as quality family time with the people who know you best can inflate your bubble when you need it most, time alone to return to a childhood musical instrument or perhaps plan and complete a home DIY project can inject a feeling of “yeah, you might be taking photos on an exotic beach, but can you soundproof your garage and learn to play your favourite Beatles songs on electric drums in a weekend? Thought not. I’m unstoppable.”  

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