Jumbo Chupa Chups Colourful 500 Piece Puzzle

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You can’t beat a puzzle for a relaxing activity to keep the brain sharp, and this 500 piece Colourful Chupa Chups puzzle from Jumbo is a great sweet treat that lasts much longer than the chupa chups lollies! We really enjoyed the unique patterned design of this puzzle, and the fun nostalgia of the Chupa Chups theme.

This puzzle is made up of lots of little coloured and patterned squares along with a few bursts of text, rather than one central image, which makes it a bit different to the norm. It suits methodical and logical puzzlers and was very satisfying to put together, with lots of delicious fruity flavours to spot throughout the image.

I normally do 1000 piece puzzles, but 500 piece puzzles are much more accessible for the kids to join in, and a little quicker to complete which can be a bonus if you don’t have as much time to spare. This puzzle was done over a few days, with some help from the kids – including my youngest who is only 2!

She was really interested in helping out with this puzzle and experimenting with putting the pieces together, which was lovely. As a keen puzzler myself I am always happy to see the children getting involved and enjoying the puzzling hobby.

Jumbo puzzles are great quality with pieces that fit together very well, don’t bend or break and always feel well made. This Colourful Chupa Chups one is a lovely bright and colourful design that would suit puzzlers of all ages (adults or children depending on ability)

Jumbo have a great variety of puzzles, games and toys for all ages which you can view and browse on their site at www.jumbo.eu

We were sent this 500 piece Colourful Chupa Chups puzzle in order to review

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