Left the Christmas Shopping late? You need Next Day Delivery Toys!

This Christmas is looking pretty different to our normal Christmases and with all of the changes and restrictions coming in recently, it has left lots of families in a bit of a panic. With all “non essential” shops closed in Tier 4 areas, including in London where we live, and a ban on travelling to meet with relatives, suddenly the Christmas present situation has become a little bit tricky. Some of my friends had already sent the kids toys directly to Grandparents houses ready to be wrapped up there, expecting to be spending Christmas together. With the new system in place, they are having to spend Christmas apart and on top of that, the Christmas presents are stranded! All of this extra stress certainly doesn’t help with that Christmas magic feeling we all long for at this time of year.

I had a similar problem with my nieces Christmas presents. We had been planning to drive over and drop gifts to each other, and hopefully spend a bit of family time together outdoors but as we are now in Tier 4 and my sister’s family is in a Tier 2 area, that idea was swiftly thrown out with the new announcement at the weekend. Instead, I had to rush and quickly order some toys and presents for their family to be delivered directly to their house. It is very last minute but luckily there are still some shops that are able to offer next day toy delivery which can offer a solution to your problems and help you out at the last minute, particularly in such a stressful year like 2020 has been!

Sending gift cards is another great option that can save the day when you find you’re unable to spend time together and exchange gifts in person. Many of these can be sent electronically via email so it is a very convenient and easy option for times like these.

Despite all of the new rules in place, we all have to do our best to enjoy the situation that we have and to spend as good a Christmas as possible, with those who are in our household. I definitely feel better knowing that I was able to order last minute gifts to my loved ones who I’m not able to see in person this year, especially my little niece. At least this way, we are all together in spirit and the kids don’t miss out on their presents or their Christmas fun!

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