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One of the things I love about this time of year is seeing all the houses and streets lit up in the dark wintry evenings, but I have to admit sometimes I have wondered how much energy it uses especially when some houses have so many!

I never realised that using LED lights could make such a big difference so I was interested to hear from LedHut.co.uk who have teamed up with TV Property expert Sarah Beeny to encourage families to switch over to Led lights.

Some of the benefits of switching to LED are:

  • Save 90% on your lighting bills
  • Long-lasting LEDs can keep going for more than 20 years
  • A typical home could save around £30 a month by switching to LEDs
  • LED bulbs are a direct replacement for your old energy-guzzling bulbs – just plug them in and save!

LedHut sent me some Led Christmas lights to try out to see for myself what they are like. As Mr T’s birthday is in December, we decorated the house for his birthday and decided to use the LED Christmas lights to surround the door of our living room, to make a sparkling grotto effect. We also used them to decorate when making our festive blanket fort the other day.

led christmas lights

The colour I chose was warm white lights and they are also available in cool white or RGB – a multicoloured mix of red, green and blue. They look really effective, sparkling away! I used small adhesive wall hooks to keep them up around the doorway.

Another main advantage of the LED lights is safety as they are much safer than traditional lights. They are made of plastic instead of glass, the bulbs emit virtually no heat and are much less likely to shatter or crack. What’s more, as LEDs are filament-free, they won’t burn out or blow either! This is all quite reassuring for me, as the children are young they do get curious about the lights and come near to them and sometimes touch them so I would be very anxious about having hot glass lights all around!

The lights are 5metres long and have 50 bulbs. There are different effects, if you press the “on” switch again it will change how quickly the lights flash, and in what effect.

You still have time to order from LedHut for Christmas delivery if you order before Saturday 21st, Click here to see the Christmas lights.

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