LeapPad Ultra XDi Review

We’re big fans of LeapFrog and have been testing out another of their tablets, the LeapPad Ultra XDi. This is a really sturdy kids tablet which we’ve found ideal for our young children.

art studio ultra on leappad ultra xdi


The LeapPad Ultra XDi comes with 11 apps which include the Pet Pad Party which my kids always enjoy, and the Art Studio Ultra which you can see on Mr T’s screen above. This is a fun app for creative kids and includes lots of stickers and different effects that they can add to their drawing within the app.

It also has a front and back camera, mp3 player, wi-fi with the LeapFrog’s special kid safe LeapSearch and you can choose from a wide range of games to download or buy as game cartridges.

The main difference between the LeapPad Ultra XDi and the LeapPad 3 which we reviewed previously is the size of the screen. The LeapPad Ultra XDi has a 7 inch hi res screen which my kids love.

You can see the difference in size between the two tablets here:

leappad ultra xdiI feel that the LeapPad Ultra XDi also has better protection with a stronger kid tested and reinforced frame, and break resistant glass. We had found the LeapPad 3 much more sturdy and durable than a regular adults tablet anyway, but if you want to get the most durable one to be on the safe side then the LeadPad Ultra XDi would be the better choice in that case.

We were sent the Octonauts Learning Game along with the tablet, and when you buy the tablet you also get the choice of one free app download. This was from a specific selection, and we selected the Cat in the Spooky Woods game which helps to develop critical thinking skills as kids work out how to fix the path for Cat to get home from his spooky woods. All 3 of the boys loved this and some of the levels are more challenging so they don’t get bored of it too quickly, even Mr Z who is 6.

The Octonauts Learning Game was a hit with the kids too especially Mr R (3) and Mr T (4). They love the Octonauts show, so having the familiar characters within the games always motivates them. The game teaches Ecosystems, Life Science, Making Observations, Ocean Science and Thinking Like a Scientist.

LeapPad Ultra XDiI often hear parents asking whether it’s better to go for a cheap adults tablet (like a cheap android) or to go for a specially designed kids tablet and I have to say, I am really impressed with the LeapPad tablets. The games are more expensive than a phone or tablet app, but you are getting something of a higher quality that’s been designed with kids education in mind. You also have peace of mind with the limits on the internet capabilities with this type of tablet, which you can read more about here.

The battery life on the LeapPad Ultra XDi is around 6 hours of play, and much longer when you leave it without playing. It charges up pretty quickly, and has 8GB memory.

Between these two LeapFrog tablets, I would say that if you are going to be using the LeapPad a lot while travelling then going for the LeapPad 3 could be handier with its compact size but if it will be mostly for use at home, or for a child at the younger end of the age range who may be tougher on the tablet then go for the LeapPad Ultra XDi.

The LeapPad Ultra XDi is available from many toy shops including Amazon (Affiliate)

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