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Lamaze toys are a huge hit with baby N, and her little baby friends too. They have such a great range of colourful and stimulating toys for this age group. We’ve built up quite a collection, and they’re definitely some of N’s most well used toys. Recently we were sent a new Lamaze Clip n Go toy to add to her collection: Captain Calamari

Captain Calamari is a plush octopus with lots of fun sensory features for babies to enjoy.

Lamaze toys like Captain Calamari are suitable from birth, and I found that even at a really young age N did enjoy looking at this type of toy, and she would track the toys with her eyes. It also has lots of fun textures and sounds for them to explore.

Captain Calamari’s crinkle hat rewards baby with sound, as do the clacking rings on his “tentacles”-each which feature soothing knots. Captain also has a rattle and a surprise mirror.

As the Clip n Go name suggests, this range of toys can be hung from buggies, car seats, bouncing chairs, or wherever you fancy – but they can also be used on their own as a standalone toy, so they are really versatile and great for all kinds of situations.

Captain Calamari has found his home in our car seat at the moment, as N seems to enjoy chomping on some of his tentacles while we’re on the go! She also really likes the rings that are on the toy, which are a really good size for little hands. Now that she’s 4 months old, she’s a lot more active with the toys – grabbing and holding, and exploring each different bit of it and there’s plenty to explore with Captain Calamari so it does keep her really well occupied and happy.

Check out the full range of Lamaze toys on the Lamaze website

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  1. All my kids have loved Lamaze toys, my littlest one still does! I’ve not seen Captain Calamari before, might have to add it to her collection!


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