KidzInMind – Managing Children’s Safety Online

From the moment you first give your child access to internet connected devices, their online safety becomes something to worry about. With children now having access to tablets from a young age, KidzInMind came up with a handy solution. Available to download on iOS and Android, KidzInMind offers parents peace of mind by allowing their children access to age appropriate and approved apps with no adverts or hidden payments and parental device control tools.

I downloaded the KidzInMind app to see what we thought of it, and how it could work for us.


KidzInMind is designed to be a safe digital playground filled with fun and educational apps for the growing minds of little children. Once you open it up, you or your child can choose between content to watch, or games to play, so you could describe it as “an app of apps”

I liked that there’s plenty of choice available, and it’s definitely a good idea for kids to be able to choose their apps and move between, without ever having to leave the overall KidzInMind app. Since our family’s iPad is actually my personal iPad, that I sometimes let the kids use, rather than being a tablet dedicated for the children to use, this aspect does appeal to me because the iPad has all kinds of social media apps on it, which I’d rather the kids not get into.


The content on KidzInMind is mainly geared at the pre-school age group, so it’s a shame we hadn’t had this app earlier! My younger children did enjoy the content, as there is so much to explore on there but there’s not so much for my eldest. I would say it’s best suited to kids of around 1-6, particularly those aged 5 and under, with a good mix of educational and fun apps and content for that age group. Every app is educational in nature, but since they are in quite playful formats children won’t necessarily realise that they are learning as they play!


My kids enjoyed the DinoLab and Baby Chef games, and the watchable content section has popular cartoons including Angry Birds Toons and The Happets. There’s already a selection of more than 40 apps to choose from, with more added each week


In a recent GPEN report on children’s privacy online, the results showed that nearly 60% of websites and apps redirect children away from the site or app, meaning there is a greater chance of discovering inappropriate content. It also found that only 22% tailored content specifically for children. KidzInMind definitely removes this issue while your kids use the app. There are no adverts, and all apps featured have been vetted and approved before being added to KidzInMind. 

KidzInMind is more than just an app too. The KidzInMind blog, the Facebook page, the Twitter profile and the YouTube channel offer parents access to a wealth of information about different services or products for their children and discussions with other mums and dads.

KidzInMind is approved by parents, having been certified with kidSAFE Seal and being nominated for various child safety awards. KidzInMind is available to download on Android from Google Play and iOS from the App Store. The app is subscription-based and after the first week, which is free, KidzInMind is priced a 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features. Parents can pay £2.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls.

Click here for more information on KidzInMind for iOS and Android.


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