Keeping the Magic Alive at Christmas and the Thorntons Christmas Range

One of the best things about the festive season, according to my kids, is the chance to eat lots of treats especially chocolate! They were sent some of the new Cheeky Elves from Thorntons Christmas range and they have definitely gone down very well in our house.

These cheeky little elves and so cute, and make a nice change from the usual Chocolate Santas. They have lovely detail with different coloured chocolate to add features on to each elf, in red and white and these 200g elves are a really good size for a Christmas treat which my boys will eat over several days. You can also get little ones at 60g each, or get a personalised cheeky elf!

The Thorntons range also includes the Snowman and the Snowdog and a Jolly Reindeer – a great range with something for everyone in the family.

As well as being really cute and nicely presented, the quality of the chocolate from Thorntons is very good too, with a creamy and luxurious taste that appeals to kids and parents alike.

Treats like a Cheeky Elf definitely add a splash of Christmas magic in our house but here are a few more festive ideas from Thorntons for parents to try out

  1. Craftily create a Santa costume
  2. Create video evidence of Santa arriving
  3. Age letters from Lapland
  4. Fake a phone call from Santa
  5. Show Santa’s snowy footprints in your house
  6. Recreate Santa’s sounds landing on the roof
  7. Leave a nibbled festive feast
  8. Following Santa’s 24 hour journey
  9. ‘Naughty and Nice’ checklist
  10. Hide your Thorntons Cheeky Elf

Merry Christmas!

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