Brio Light & Sound Garbage Truck Review

Brio toys are such lovely quality and are brilliant traditional toys for young children to play with. The Brio Light & Sound Garbage Truck is no different, and our toddler N (nearly 2 years old) has been really enjoying this toy.

The Garbage Truck comes with a little peg person driver, and two pieces of recycling and rubbish to place into the back of the truck, like a mini shape sorter. It also has lights on top, and sound effects, and the batteries come already installed and included so you can play straight out of the box with no fuss which is great.

The Garbage Truck is made from a combination of wooden and plastic elements, all of which feel very durable and well made. As you can see, it’s a great size for toddler hands without being too bulky to store.

The green colouring and recycling logo on the side of the truck are a nice touch too – rather than young children playing taking the rubbish to the landfill I’d much rather it was normalised that they would take it all to be recycled as much as possible!

N particularly likes the driver, which is very cute with a friendly face and is easy to put in and out of the drivers seat without any frustration.

The shaped pieces of recycling also slot in really nicely at the back, and you get a circle and a rectangular one.

You can also open up the back more fully, rather than slot the shapes in if preferred.

The Lights & Sounds Garbage Truck is great for imaginary play, and small world play with role playing real life scenarios which is great for little ones development and is something my toddler really enjoys. The lights and sounds within this truck give it some extra excitement while still being a really classic traditional toy, and something which can be quite open ended too as young children bring their own ideas and stories to the role play.

The Garbage Truck is from the Brio My Home Town range and is compatible which other toys and sets within that range. For more information you can visit the Brio website

This range is recommended for age 18 months+ which I would say is exactly right. Available for rrp of around 24.99

We were sent the toy in order to review

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