Jurassic World and Dinovember

Did you know, November is sometimes known as “Dinovember”? It’s a great time to focus on some dinosaur themed activities and playtime with your kids!

This November, we’ve been playing with lots of Jurassic World dinosaurs since the movie has just been released on October 19th on Blu-Ray and DVD. The idea of Dinovember is that you can make your dinosaurs come to life, and find them getting up to mischief or doing their own thing.

List of 20 Easy Dinovember Ideas

Stuck for easy ideas on what your dinosaurs could get up to? How about…..

  1. Dinosaurs eating cereal, or playing in crushed cereal in a tuff spot or large tray
  2. Dinosaurs reading books
  3. Dinosaurs playing Xbox or whatever console you have
  4. Dinosaurs watching TV or a favourite DVD
  5. Dinosaurs playing a board game
  6. Dinosaurs having a bath
  7. Dinosaurs playing hide and seek
  8. Dinosaurs in paint, making foot prints
  9. Dinosaurs brushing their teeth
  10. Dinosaurs making a shopping list
  11. Dinosaurs baking
  12. Dinosaurs building with lego
  13. Dinosaurs making packed lunch
  14. Dinosaurs doing colouring (maybe they would like to colour these dinosaur colouring pages!)
  15. Dinosaurs in the fruit bowl
  16. Dinosaurs doing gardening, hiding out in plant pots
  17. Dinosaurs riding in toy cars, having a race
  18. Dinosaurs playing with playdough (or set up a whole Playdough world for them like this)
  19. Dinosaurs dancing in a conga line
  20. Dinosaurs frozen into eggs (Works best with smaller dinos)

With a lot of these ideas, they can lead to plenty of open ended play too once the kids come across the dinos – especially those combining with another play material like paint or playdough.

For even more simple dinosaur play ideas, check out these lists we shared here on In The Playroom last year

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

or try one of these dinosaur activities and crafts:

Bubble Wrap Print Dinosaurs to go with Dinosaur Roar

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Activity

Dinosaur Sticky Wall

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jurassic world cover

The boys had lots of fun playing with their Jurassic World dinosaurs, making up stories and having dinosaur battles too!



We were sent the DVD and toys in order to take part in Dinovember

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