Is Your Girlfriend A Die-Hard Harry Potter Fan? 8 Gifting Ideas To Choose For Valentines Day 2023

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By Luciana Oliveira

Is your girlfriend a die-hard Harry Potter fan? Then a valentine’s day gift that matches her taste would be great.

Valentine’s day is special for every couple out there, and to make this more special for your girlfriend, you need to hunt for a good gift that your Potterhead girlfriend will love.

In this article, you’ll find a collation of all exclusive Harry Potter theme gift ideas for your other half.

So, to know more, stick around till the end of this article.

1. Harry Potter Themed Surprise

In the first one, if you and your girlfriend are Potter’s heads, you can plan to spend a day with your girlfriend on a Harry Potter Themed Surprise.

The first idea in this is to plan a romantic candlelight dinner with your bae. Then, you can order something indoors or book a table in a favorite restaurant of your girl’s.

After coming home, you can binge-watch Harry Potter movies with your girlfriend all night. Or you can book tickets to Hogwarts. You can also give her all the book volumes if she longs for them.

2. Candles

Who doesn’t love scented candles? We all do as it helps rejuvenate and relax after a tiring, hectic day. But do you know that you can gift your girlfriend Harry Potter candles?

Harry Potter candles are Harry Potter Themed beautiful scented candles that will make your girl extremely happy.

So you can plan a romantic bath day where you can light those candles and spend a nice and relaxing time with your girl. This is a unique gift and a date idea as well.

3. Harry Potter Music Box

Anyone who is not even a Potter’s head is accustomed to the beautiful Harry Potter theme music. It’s nostalgic, and it’s beautiful as well.

A special gift idea for your Potter head girl is gifting her a Harry Potter Themed music box. It comes with a pin that can be rotated, and the music plays when you do.

The box is pretty small, and it looks cute as well. Consider adding this to your cart if you want to see her eyes sparkle as the music plays.

4. Harry Potter Funko

Most people with a love for fictional characters love collecting Funko figurines. It’s cute, and you can collect all types of figurines and increase your collection as well.

The recent 20th-anniversary Funko collectibles launched the ‘Harry with a stone’ figure, which you can also gift for this valentine’s day. This is a perfect cute gift that your girl is bound to love.

5. Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace

Girls love dainty necklaces with cute pendants. This one is also a very meaningful gift idea for your Potterhead girlfriend.

Hermione’sFinally, the time Turner hourglass neckpiece is a timeless gift idea.

If your other half loves baking cookies, then what’s a better gift than these Harry Potter cookie cutters? These unique Williams Sonoma x cookie cutters are perfect for a valentine’s day gift.

These are also affordable, so people on a budget can go for them. What’s better than Harry Potter characters being turned into cookies?

7. Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Edition

If your girlfriend is a gamer or loves games in general, then this Hasbro Gaming Clue in the wizard edition is a good and thoughtful choice.

It is a very interesting game as you must solve a mysterious plot line and include most main characters.

8. Map Journal with Wand pen

Nowadays, people are into aesthetic journaling; this is another great gift our significant other is fond of journaling.

This is a Marauder’s map journal with a wand pen. This journal will make your life swoon. The journal has a beautiful cover, which is pleasing to hold.

Final Thoughts

So these were some Harry Potter-themed valentines gifts. Hope you find something for your Potterhead girlfriend and have a great valentines day. 

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