Indoor Learning Activities: 5 Opportunities for This Spring

The blooming and bright season of Spring is an ideal time to let your kid explore the beauty of nature! Whether you want to teach him the concept of colours or life, nature offers umpteen numbers of outlets to help your little one observe, imbibe and grow. Some days, however, the season can get unpredictable, forcing you and your child to stay within the confines of your house. In times like such, these fun and simple indoor learning activities can keep your kid engaged and enhance his creative and cognitive skills. Here are the top five indoor activities you can try with your child this spring:

5 Indoor learning opportunities for kids in Spring

  1. Nature Journal – One of the best ways to hone your little one’s creative talent while enhancing his observational skills and memory is by encouraging him to maintain a nature journal. Help him make it as creative as possible by adding a mix of colorful pictures, drawings and writings about his experiences with nature every day! As your kid makes a record of his nature-related adventures, describe to him various concepts in detail. For example, explain to him the reason behind the occurrence of rainbows, the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the growth stages of a plant, etc. This activity is a great way to make the process of learning fun!

Make a nature journal

  1. Sensory Spring Collage – Sensory activities can contribute to many aspects of kids’ development, such as physical, psychological, emotional, linguistic and creative. Here’s the perfect activity to fuse sensory play with elements of spring! Take a printout of a flower coloring sheet and help your kid make a sensory collage on it using lentils, sandpaper, velvet paper, crepe paper, etc. Let him discover different textures, such as grainy, coarse, soft, etc. as he enjoys making a creative masterpiece pin-up for his room.


  1. Tissue Blossom Tree – It is essential to teach little kids the importance of utilizing resources in their best way possible. Not only does this help them learn to prevent wastage, but it also opens them up to a whole new world of artistic endeavors! Take some tissue papers, tear them into two halves and crush them into small balls. Now, dip them into the pink paint and keep them aside. Ask your kid to get some sticks fallen on the ground and break them into smaller sticks. Now, paste the sticks on a sheet of paper to make the branches, and the crushed tissue balls to make the blossoms. You can even get this craft framed and ask your kid to gift it to a family member.


  1. Flower Printing – The season of spring is never complete without the mention of pretty flowers! Create an amazingly fun opportunity to let your kid have a ball with different patterns through this flower printing activity. It will fuel your little one’s imaginative and explorative streak while adding on to his love for art and craft! Just dip a few flowers into different colored paints and let your child impress them onto a plain canvas, creating different patterns. This activity will help your child develop great eye and hand coordination, aid color recognition, and improve his fine motor skills.

pick some flowers and use them as a paint brush, to make flower print pictures

  1. Thumbprint Family Tree – Here’s an activity that will help your child learn about your family’s history, the roots and will help strengthen your family’s bond. Not to forget, it will also provide for a wonderful creative outcome! Bring out your old family albums and start sorting all pictures of your family members by their age, while explaining to your kid who they are and where they are living at the moment. Now take a large sheet of white chart paper and draw an outline of a huge tree using a pencil. Ask your kid to paint his thumb green and impress it within the tree outline till the whole of it is covered. Ask him to repeat the same steps to make the trunk of the tree. Now, help him label and paste the pictures of all the family members on the tree, in the order of their age. Put it up in his room!

Use old photographs to make a family tree with kids

These activities promise not to disappoint, and provide fun learning opportunities even when your little angel doesn’t get a chance to soak up the spring sun and discover nature’s amazing wonders! Do let us know how your kid liked these activities in the comments section below!

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