How to Travel by Car in England: 3 Tips

Why Is It Best to Travel by Car in England

England is famous for its diverse scenery packed with straightforward motorways. Many travellers are eager to succumb to the relaxing atmosphere of rural peace and to enjoy the rich historical background. If you, too, are ready to unwind and are planning to explore both idyllic locations and old towns, you should think through the most efficient means of transport when you get there.

A rental car or car finance is the best option for a comfortable trip around England. There are many reputable car-hire companies to choose from so that travellers can find the best price. If you are a resident of the UK, you may consider car finance available with poor credit. It is a good decision if you do it with the help of a good credit broker. Carplus has a solid reputation for offering the very best car finance deals, even for customers with bad credit scores.

So here are the three tips for your car trip in England.

Tip #1 for a Resident Who Is Longing for Low-Cost Travel

The best option for you may well be to take a car on finance, as you have no time limits and thus can afford your own vehicle at a lower cost than if you rented for an extended period. Carplus offers a wide selection of financial deals on a used cars. The experts will help you find the best dealer and will manage all the paperwork for you. Even if you have a poor credit score, Carplus will assess your case and offer car finance available with poor credit.

Anyway, do not forget to check your driving licence either for a rental car or a car on finance. If you have been living in the UK for a while and you have a foreign driving licence, you can drive on your valid driving licence for 12 months from when you became a resident. Once your driving licence expires, you have to apply for a provisional licence and pass the theory and practical driving tests to continue driving in England. If the perspective of taking the driving tests is not very exciting for you, there is a bypass. You can exchange a foreign driving licence for a UK licence without additional tests. Unfortunately, it suits only those residents with a driving licence from a ‘designated country or territory.’ 

Tip #2 for a Careful Traveller Who Likes to Plan in Advance

First of all, you should check car-hire prices. These tend to vary in different companies. After arrival, look for car rental desks at the airport or the coastal port. Good places for hiring a car are also located in the city centres. Then we advise you to check if the company includes insurance cover with car rental. You can be asked to give your credit card details for a deposit. And finally, do not forget to bring your driving licence, proof of address, and passport to hire a car.

A few words about the documents required to drive a car in England. It goes without saying that your current driving licence should be valid. Make sure that you put a rental agreement and any insurance documents in a car. Check the information about what insurance documents you need beforehand because the rules depend on whether your vehicle is insured in a country that is part of the Green Card System.

Once we are done with the documents, let’s talk about road signs. Directional signs are colour-coded like the ones in other European countries. Still, we will remind you of some of them:

  • Signs for M-roads (motorways) are blue
  • A-roads (major routes) have green signs
  • B-roads (minor routes) are marked with white signs
  • Signs for Places of interest are coloured brown
  • Red and white triangles usually indicate advisory or warning signs.

Tip #3 for an Adventurous Traveller Who Likes to Take Risks

Even though you may prefer spontaneous travelling, in England you should remember about the rules, especially the driving rules. It is crucial to keep the speed limits: 20-40mph in built-up areas and a maximum of 70mph on motor­ways. Speed signs will remind you about these limits. Another strict obligation is wearing seatbelts both for drivers and passengers. We would also recommend you not to mix driving with alcohol in England if you do not want to pay a severe penalty.

An adventurous traveller may have got tired of all these regulations, but you have chosen the wrong country for being reckless. To apologize for another piece of boring advice, we will make it simple and short: always find a car park. The signs with a blue “P” will indicate the safe park space where you do not have to think about extra rules. Obviously, it is much easier to park outside popular tourist zones and urban areas.

And last but not least, we hope you remember that England drives on the left side.

Hit the Road: England Is Waiting for You

We hope that these tips have covered the most pressing questions for planning your road trip either it will be a well-planned route or a spontaneous adventure. Despite some tricky issues, we are sure you will enjoy your car trip in England, thanks to the breathtaking landscapes, old architecture, and energetic atmosphere of modern cities. We wish you a great and safe journey!

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