How To Plan Your Family Holiday To Orlando, Florida

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Planning any family holiday takes some time and research to make sure you get it just right, but planning a trip to Orlando, Florid may take that little bit of extra effort. Below we are going to have a look at some of the things you should look at in order to plan the ultimate family holiday to Orlando, Florida. 

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Find The Best Deal With Lots Of Research

Florida is an extremely popular destination, so there is no denying that it can be expensive. Some people pay well over 20k for a family and this one of the reasons its seen as a once in a lifetime holiday. But, how do you see all these families that go regularly and don’t seem to complain about the cost? That’s because it doesn’t need to be an expensive holiday, in fact, it can be budget-friendly too. Make sure you have a look at all your options, including piecing the holiday together yourself, deal websites, booking with a tour operator, or even a Disney package specialist. You should also have a look at things like Florida Villas, attraction tickets, places to eat, and the cheapest times to travel. You can easily travel by bus to Orlando from Miami or other cities in Florida and the surrounding states for as cheap as $20.

You should check Orlando Vacation as they been helping guests plan their vacation to Orlando since 1991. Over the years they have seen a lot of things change  in Orlando, Florida and they have a highly qualified team to assist you finding the best deals and customized plans on hotels and theme park tickets. Give them a call at 1-800-641-4008 to find out how you can save up to 35% on Disney World Packages on a Family Trip to Orlando, Florida.

We get the best deals for families planning an Orlando vacation. We do this working with a select group of hotel and vacation home partners. They offer the absolute lowest rate to our customers without sacrificing the quality of their service. Guests can buy their Orlando attraction tickets directly through us as well. We are the largest Walt Disney World® ticket seller right here in Orlando.

Utilize Facebook Groups 

When planning a holiday, especially one to Orlando, Flordia you should definitely make use of any Facebook groups that are solely based around this destination. It can be a gold mine of information, tips, and advice on all sorts to do with booking, the best places to see, the best activities to do, and much more. A lot of members post their experiences up on these pages and the advice is invaluable. Worried about spending too much on food and water when in the parks? Don’t stress you will find all the tips possible here. 

Have A Look For Some Specialist Blogs 

Reading blogs is a great way to gain inspiration, keep up to date with the latest activities in Florida, gain valuable tips and advice, find restaurant reviews, accommodation reviews, and much more. There are many different blogs that specialize in all things Disney ranging from single people, couples, families, you name it. They are definitely perfect for a bit of nighttime reading, getting you in the holiday mood, and setting off your ideas and plans. 

Grab Yourself A Holiday Planner

Of course, not all holidays need you to have a holiday planner, however, Orlando is a little bit different. You need to be organized for this kind of holiday, especially if you don’t want to miss anything off your list. There is a lot to think about when planning a holiday to Florida, it’s definitely a good idea to get it down on paper. You will feel much less overwhelmed and are less likely to forget anything. Include things like apply for ESTAs, renew passports, packing lists, budget planning, and itinerary. You could even include a spending tracker so you can set daily limits and make sure you have the fund to do what you want when you’re there. 

These four tips should help you on your way to planning the perfect holiday to Orlando, Florida. Do you have any planning tips or recommendations that you could share? 


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