How to Plan a First Communion Party on That Special Day

After all the preparation for First Holy Communion, you will want that day to be a special memory in the life of your son or daughter who just received the Body of Christ for the first time in Eucharist.

You want to make memories that will last them a lifetime. It’s an important day in the life of any Catholic and the second Sacrament in the Rite of Initiation.

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A celebratory party seems to be just the thing and now it’s time to plan it. Who shall you invite?

Where will you host it, and what kinds of activities can you plan for the kids?

Start With a Guest List

Before you can do anything else, you’ll need to know approximately how many people will be coming and of those, how many will be kids.

This is important because it will impact everything from where you choose to host the party to the kinds of food you will serve and, of course, what kind of games and activities you will plan for the children.

Don’t forget that RSVP! This will tell you what you need to know before going further with your plans.

Party Favours and Decorations

Quite often your own home will be suitable for a First Communion party. You really can start thinking about party decorations and favours you would like to order.

You can always find little First Communion holy cards on sites like They also have a line of little items you can use as party favours, which you can order in advance.

Don’t forget to order at least one or two extras so that you have something to put away in your child’s memory book to remember always the joy they had this day.

Special First Communion Party Games

This is something else that will top the day off for your child. There are a few games for Catholic kids that you might want to also order prizes for when you order those party favours.

Games like the Hail Mary Hunt and Dancing With the Saints can give the kids something fun to do that remain thematic to the day. When they team up, it’s even more exciting!

Refreshments for the Day

While there will be adults there, this day is all about the kids. It’s your child’s special day so perhaps you will want to make the menu about foods that kids will enjoy.

Whether it’s pizza or perhaps hamburgers or meat pies, you want to lay out foods the kids love and will gladly eat.

Just don’t forget to order that special First Communion Cake from your local bakery. What would a party be without a cake?

Just remember that this day is a special day in the life of your child and one you want them always to remember.

With that in mind, the First Communion Party should be all about the kids.

You may want to plan a few things to keep the adults happy as well, but they will probably be happiest watching their kids at play. 

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