How to Make Parcel Delivery More eco-friendly

The use of non-recyclable packaging and subsequent waste continue to pose significant environmental threats and one that governments across the globe are failing to tackle successfully.

To put this into some kind of perspective, around 13, 350 tonnes of glass is binned every year during December and January alone, and if this was recycled it could save up to 4,200 tonnes of CO2. This would be the equivalent of taking 1,300 cars off the road every single year, and this would have a significant impact on the natural environment.

We can all do more to resolve these economic challenges, however, and fortunately there are several ways in which couriers, small businesses and sole traders can contribute to making parcel delivery more eco-friendly.

  1. Start with the Packaging Itself

One of the first things that parcel delivery firms and businesses need to do is consider how they package their shipments, both in terms of the materials that they use and how they’re stacked in boxes.

While polystyrene has typically used to cushion and items and protect from damage, for example, this is an unrecyclable material that does significant harm to the environment. 

So, by replacing this type of material with air pockets or biodegradable alternatives, couriers can immediately reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on their service. 

This may also create an opportunity for couriers to pack their shipments more efficiently, reducing their operational costs and waste in the process.

  1. Reduce Parcel Weights 

The additional packaging used by couriers can also add considerable weight to a parcel and shipment, and this can have a significant impact on both cost and wastage.

Couriers and business-owners can actively look to reduce their parcel weights, however, by focusing on using materials that are both lightweight and functional. This will translate into significant savings for both companies and customers alike, while also minimising the packaging material used in individual shipments.

Interestingly, customers can now use service providers like Parcel2Go to identify the best real-time delivery quotes. 

To do this, users must enter the weight of their parcel, and by actively striving to reduce the weight of their shipment they can cut costs, minimise waste and find a far more competitive deal.

  1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

It may sound like a no-brainer, but using recyclable materials and reusable boxes can significantly improve your carbon footprint as a business-owner or parcel delivery firm.

Boxes made from corrugated cardboard offer a relevant case in point, as they provide strong and durable containers that can be used multiple times and stored before being recycled. 

This affordable material, which consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two linerboards, is becoming increasingly commonplace in the logistics world and provides financial and social savings to users.

So, whether you’re selling items of Ebay or own a small business that ships products on a regular basis, focusing on using recyclable and reusable materials and can boost the natural environment tremendously.

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